23.8 – 15 Minute Report for Life in Pieces – March 13

March 13, 2012

Sir, are you okay?


Yes Sir.


Yes Sir.




Sorry sir, forgot sir. Trying to figure out if shopping equals sewing sir.


What if I was shopping for a sewing machine, sir? And sewing machine bobbins, sir?


Sir, this week was actually sewing, sir. Not as much prepping, but actually sewing, sir.


Sir, I sewed two whole blocks this week.


And I sewed, pressed, and cut to exact size 30 half square triangles for a new swap, Sir.


Thank you sir, your praise means a lot to me, sir.


Here’s my details, sir.


Here’s the link to Life in Pieces, Sir.




  1. Still a good week I think. Buying a sewing machine sounds like fun!

  2. Hope the new purchase is working out ok for you. Not a bad week sewing wise, and I am pretty sure buying stuff counts.

  3. Wow, a new sewing machine. I’d count a whole week of getting something done just figuring out how to get the bobbin wound (I have a love/hate relationship with new machines, love the machine, hate figuring out how to wind the bobbin!).

    Looks like a great week. Hope you will be on board for next Tuesday’s 15 Minute Challenge. Sorry to be so late in following up on last week’s challenge. Between the non functional lap top and non functional Internet, time in blog land has been seriously constrained.

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