23.9 Matching the Grid, which option do you like?

March 14, 2012

I’ve been thinking about one principle of design or just a general rule I heard somewhere.

When putting two blocks together in a quilt as alternating blocks, a quilt works best when the blocks are of the same grids.

A 3 X 3 grid is a typical 9 patch block.

I found this really cool 5 X 5 grid block that I want to do with my guild, but I wanted to have an alternate block of weaving chains to tie the quilt together because this block I want to do (see below) seems too fragmented as it is.

This block is called footstool. and you can easily see the 5 x 5 block.

The chain that I originally paired it with was a 3 X3 grid block, an underground railroad block (called bluechains in EQ7)

Which is clearly a 3 X 3 grid, which makes a fairly wide chain.

Putting the quilt together it looks like this:

And I like the pattern and flow of this quilt very much.

But I am still bugged by the 3 x 3 next to the 5 x 5.

So digging into EQ a little bit more, there is another chain block that is similar that is a 5 x 5 grid.

Which just fragments the whole thing even more in the quilt.

But when I add some darker color in the middle, it looks less distracting.

The quilt now looks like this:

So I can’t really decide.

What do you like quilt on the left or on the right?

And I reserve my right to change my mind or go with even a 3rd or 4th option.


  1. i like the one on the left. Not so dogmatic. lighter, free-er. nice job either way.

  2. tough decision….I like the one on the right. Can’t really say why. Good luck!

  3. I prefer the one on the right. I like the fact that the two patterns are discernable and don’t compete with each other. They are more complimentary than the first pattern set. Yet, with the small addition of the dark color, boh blocks are dynamic as well. Good Luck!

  4. I like the one on the right! Just asked my nine year old who is home sick today and she votes for the right one as well. Of course they are both very pretty. There is something a little softer about the right one though. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  5. I love the 5 x 5 blocks together. I even liked it better before you made it darker. It just seems to flow better than the 2 grids together.

    • Oops meant to say “the 2 DIFFERENT grids together.” Anyway… Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  6. Would you consider taking the HST in the four corners of the first block and replacing them with a solid square of your background fabric? I think those HSTs are breaking up the flow that’s created by the second block, making a little less harried. I like the dark one much better!

  7. I prefer the first one, on the left. That’s odd, because I was bothered by the two different grids and thought your solution would bring harmony to the design. Instead it is blah, though better with the recoloring. Hmmm…

  8. I agree with valerie. I get the potential discord pairing the 3 and 5 grid, but to my eye the 3×3 grid does a bang up job of highlighting the 5×5 – better than the other block, even after darkening it. the left quilt is GORGEOUS – very lively, but not busy – i was not too keen on the 5×5 block on its own, but seeing it with the 3×3 weaver really ties it together. Can’t wait to see how it comes out! 😉

  9. I love, love, love the one on the left. Both are amazing.
    FIrst time posting. Trying to find your podcasts on Zune. Are you there?

  10. I like the one on the right best – but maybe not quite so much blue. (Somewhere between your first try and your second.)

  11. Love the one on the left best. The ironic thing about your question is that when I make the second block (which I have always called Jacob’s Ladder, but maybe I’m mixing them up) is that THAT block has different grids in its own way. When I cut for that block, I have to check and recheck to make sure which size square I’m cutting because of the HSTs mixed with the four patches in a nine patch layout!

  12. I think the darker color is what sets it off. I would try more darks in the Jacob’s Ladder block on the left and see what happens.

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