24.1 Reporting in? Anyone?

March 17, 2012

If anyone wants to report in for a (short apparently) podcast update for tomorrow morning, you should do it today to be counted.

It was fun counting off all your names and such on the last podcast.

I have one, maybe two people reporting in so far. How are your 15 minutes a day sewing going?

If you’re a twitterer: #MAL15 Stands for March A Long 15 (for 15 minutes).

Glad to have gotten buzz about this from some of the other podcasters!

Just trying to encourage 15 minutes a day!

And here are our Ants who are the stars of our marching music!



  1. Sunday – about 2 hours
    Monday – about 3 hours
    Tuesday – about 3 hours
    Wednesday – only about half an hour
    Thursday – about an hour and a half
    Friday – nothing due to busy day: funeral, daughter’s birthday, and arrival of new iPad
    Saturday – about 3 hours

  2. No sewing since last week’s ALL DAY SEW IN but got progress on three project… Baby quilt just needs binding…Cut out the fabric for some curtains… Started work on sew and flip JELLY ROLL RACE QUILT… an experiment I am conducting…. Should be interesting.


  3. Sunday – 1 hour
    Monday – 15 minutes
    Tuesday – 0
    Wednesday – 0
    Thursday – does going to the quilt shop count? If so, 30 minutes
    Friday – 1 hour
    Saturday – 2 hours
    I’m still plugging along on the baby quilts. I realized that I hadn’t bought enough of one of the fabrics, so there may be another trip to the quilt store next week.

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