24.6 SQ Episode 039 – March A Long Report March 25

March 26, 2012

Podcast Feed

*editors note, going to post these show notes, but audio has been having issues. Will publish to see if the site works & diagnose any issues in the afternoon. Problems are with the hosting site.*

Reporting in our 15 minute stars of the week!

Also a shorter account of my own week of sewing. Some designing (you saw it already, I’m going to do the last one on that post)

Organizing and buying fabric. Sewing with my friend.

I started on a second quilt top for the back of my exothermic quilt. Yes, that’s way more work, but hey, I had them done already, just had to piece it together.

More to come on this.

And I named her!



Sounds like Darla (sorta) and is a diva in one of my favorite (phantom) stories ever.

And the name is italian origin.

Additional Music

Must be a Word by The Rubinoos


  1. Carolotta. Perfect!

  2. Scarlet is a beauty!

  3. Carlotta’s a great name!

    I wanted to comment on something you and Nonnie said on your podcast. Nonnie is frustrated by sewing for only 15 minutes. She would prefer to sew for longer periods. You made a very interesting response to that – that it takes your right brain longer than 15 minutes to get creative, but that your left brain likes the discipline of regular sewing. That is so right! I have hesitated when I only had a few minutes to sew – much like Nonnie, I felt it wasn’t worth it unless I had more time. I hadn’t really analyzed it, but It does take me awhile to settle in and begin to enjoy the process. That is probably my right brain needing the extra time!

    However, even though I prefer to sew for longer stretches of time, the 15 minute challenge has been eye opening for me, because I have learned to use little snippets of time to sew, when my typical response would have been “Why bother. It’s not enough time.” And I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve accomplished this month!

    So, thanks for opening my mind during the March a Long. I’m not promising that I’ll keep it up, but I WILL be more likely to use those small bits of time.

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