24.8 Last Call!

March 31, 2012

This is your last chance to report on your March A Long progress to show your spirit for 15 minutes a day in the Month of March.

Last Day of March falls on a Saturday, so I hope that means a lot of you can get a little bit of sewing time in today!

Don’t forget to report and then we’ll be rid of the drill sergeant for good. At least for this year. 😉



  1. Sir! I am spending 9 hours sewing at my guild retreat today, sir!

  2. Yes I have been quiltingat least 15 min.a day. Productive month. 2 baby quilts done. Many triangle bags for a workshop i taught. Mending! And finishing quilted insect boxes for an art show.

  3. I am closing in on finishing the Neverending Hand Quilting project! I only have 5 of the last 8 motifs to go! Yes, they take 5 or 6 hours each to do, but …..

    The day this week that I did the least was yesterday – only read some magazines for 20 minutes or so. The rest of the week was at least 3 hours a day. (I also did my first ever paper piecing this week, starting my niece’s wedding quilt!)

  4. Hi Darla
    I’ve slowed down a bit this week – it’s been so nice outside! I did 30 minutes on Wednesday and today I spent 15 minutes in the quilt shop buying some new rulers.

    Thanks for doing this. I’m going to try and continue with using the small blocks of time to quilt – the ones I used to think were too short!

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