24.9 SQ Ep 040 – March A Long Final Report

April 1, 2012

Podcast Feed

Thanks so much for playing along with me for the month of March. Feeling motivated for discipline has been spectacular this month in all the hundreds of aspects that are involved with quilting!

I want to shout out for all who joined along with me, and in particular all those who mirrored back my armed forces reporting style.

All respect for those in the armed forces, and thanks for providing a framework for all our discipline development.

This has been a fantastic month and I hope you’ve felt this way as well. No April Fools there!

Since I’ve shared my photos elsewhere of my quilting, I wanted a quick pic of what I saw in March on my way to the Quilt Shop this weekend!

Hope you all had a great week, and a great month!

Now lets go goof off for a little while, shall we?


  1. Nice March along, Darla. It was fun. Now I’m taking leave for a little R ‘n R.
    Gorgeous flowers, nice pic. Thank you for sharing. Tami In Denver

  2. Thanks for the March Along… It was great! Unfortunately due to life interrupts – travel for dance competitions, my mom’s eye surgery, doctor’s appointments, and my Gram’s passing I got off track at the end of the month.

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