25.0 2nd Quarter Finish A Long Goals

April 13, 2012


I want to play along here, but having a very hard time deciding what to finish.

I think I’ll make it easy on myself. One thing I want to finish in the next three months is my strip twist block quilt that I swapped over a year ago and made the top for last summer.

Why this one? well, I am going to use this quilt as the first one to practice long arming on after I take my class next week. Perhaps I need to work up an appropriate border first. This one I see with a plain wide simple border.

Next, hmm… lemme think.

Okay, my periodic spiral quilt.

This one I have stitched down mostly to the white fabric. However, I still want to cut out and needleturn the white fabric onto the dark fabric background. And then I want to print out the key onto PFD (prepared for dying) fabric so that I and everyone else knows the meaning behind this crazy periodic spiral. Then quilting and then binding. This one is close, but not as close as I think it is.

The last one I may be able to finish (or try to finish)  in the next three months….

Is one that’s just been started that I haven’t talked about much yet. It’s my “Don’t Panic” Quilt, inspired by my insistent need to always try to make everyone happy and have things go my way.  And by an incredibly froody book that references the need for towels and not knowing why 42 is the most important answer in the universe.


Currently, I really like the thickness of the applique even though it’s meant to do glue basting to the back of the freezer paper, losing 1/4 inch on each side. Instead I may do some raw edge with this quilt, it’s going to be a wall hanging that will hang below my calendar above my desk.

This I do want to hand stitch anyway, and I may use contrasting thread to do it! I haven’t decided if the guy with the teeth is showing up on this quilt or not yet.

So those are my goals for the 2nd quarter. I’m sure I’ll be putting at least one of these on the goals for 3rd quarter when I move on to something else. 😉


  1. Darla,
    You are so creative with your scientific/geeky quilts. I think the H2G2 quilt really needs a towel to go with it. 😉 I can’t wait to see them finished.

  2. Love the periodic spiral! Anxious to see that one done. Nice job so far.

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