25.9 A little more progress on the back of this quilt

June 9, 2012

Here’s a progression of the BACK of my exothermic wonders quilt. Done in picture form (mainly)

It started with ‘these blocks’ I made at the retreat in feb.

And then I made some of ‘these blocks’. (A consideration for the alternate blocks I had made last winter).

And I put them together in the center.

And then I found some more pieces and cut them up for some first borders.

And then put away for a while. Got back out, made several more borders without pictures. Mainly out of pieces from this quilt top.

Above pieced borders were done but not attached until tuesday (of this week) morning.

Now I am out of the black fabric used in this quilt, so anything beyond has to be from the overbuying fabric for the top of this quilt.

One more set of borders (already cut a while ago), but not quite the right size for the back of the quilt yet.

At this point this would be a nice top in itself, but I am shy of being 4 inches larger on each side for the top of my exothermic quilt. So I’ll add more borders still.  I want these last borders to be larger and less pieced in case anything gets chopped off it’s just the borders that don’t have any personality.

And here’s a picture of the top that this quilt backing goes with.

Excited to be using pieces of my stash to get this thing made.

And no I don’t believe that all quilt backs HAVE to match the quilt tops, but THIS ONE does. 😉


  1. That is just SO impressive. There is so much movement and interest and it’s “just” a back! LOVE it!

  2. Wow, lovely back Darla! You really could make that as another top. Now to make the quilting really special too. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. Very, very cool. I’d be tempted to just turn it into two tops with a plain backing–hate to cover up such greatness! Nice work!

  4. A truely reversible quilt! Beautiful! And looks huge…for your bed?

  5. I wonder why no one knows how much I toss and turn at night. This quilt is reversible baby, and goodness knows I’ll see the back of it plenty. But thank you all for your kind comments about it. Let’s hope that it will quilt well, though the pressure to quilt it right is getting higher and higher. I have an adequate pantograph for it, and if I get brave would like to enhance around the pantograph some. Again thanks for the kind comments!

  6. I’m very late catching up with my podcasts, but wanted to stop by to see the quilt…it’s beautiful!!!

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