26.1 Guild Night!

June 12, 2012

Tonight is guild night! I get excited about guild night for several reasons.

1) I get to ‘stay up late for it’

which usually means that

2) I come back all excited

3) I zonk out the next day (takes a large amount of nasty, acid green, highly caffeinated beverage to keep me coherent the next day)

But other good reasons to go are

4) I get to see something new that someone (local) has done, get experienced in seeing lots of types of quilts usually, OR

5) I get to try a new technique with the guild, like make a scissors fob, a little carrier case, a microwavable bowl, littlefoot paper piecing …

6) I get to take pictures of and see other people’s quilts and then in the next month or two put those pictures on our website

7) I get to see what we’re working on for or group BOM’s (what others have done) and get to see my next month’s bom.

8) I get to see lots of embroidery (including twilling), and occasionally hand quilting going on during the meeting itself.

9) This means I can also hand piece, embroider or hand quilt my own stuff that I bring to the meetings.

10) I get to talk with a lot of my (not all) in person quilting friends.

You want to see what I’ve done for my BOM’s so far? There are only 2 months in, and tonight I’ll get a chance to think about the 3rd.

April’s Block

May’s block (a little personal blurring occured)

… that’s it. I’ve been waiting for a chance to use this pattern to embroider that I believe I got for free somewhere.  It’s SO CUTE and just fits the new block owner perfectly.

I hear there are other BOM’s that are also embroider, but they haven’t shown up yet, so I don’t know if they’ll be the same album block design or not.

So far they look traditional, and they are to a point, but we’ve got some applique coming, and a kalidescope type block, and some random HST’s coming too.

Tonight the rest of them are doing a christmas in July swap. For me I think this one I’m passing on.  Just Cuz.


  1. Have fun Darla! I love guild meetings!

  2. How fun! You really do alot with your guild. And you do such a diversity of things. Your enthusiasm iis enthusiastic. Thanks! Diane

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