26.4 Dancing Ribbons Paper Piecing Finish

July 2, 2012

Well hello!

I find myself with an extra hour before work so I thought I’d update you.

First, the finish along was a bust a long. Not exactly, I did make significant progress on all three projects.

One was my strip twist quilt which is 3/4 quilted and I never yet made it back to the long arm place yet. So it’s close.

Two was my periodic spiral quilt, for which I have hand stitched, and embroidered pieces, and now am sewing the trim down and this past week have been completely unmotivated to sew the trim down further.

So I take it to work and then take it home and take it to work and … well you get the picture.

Three was my Don’t Panic Quilt which received twister blocks, a background answer to Life the Universe & Everything. And now I have to machine applique it down to the back.

What’s stopping me here?  Probably the cream colored thread color in my sewing machine. LOL.  All I have to do is change thread and all I WANT to do is not change it.

But it’s summer. So that’s OK.


I did get something from block stage to very very close to finished top stage (just needs an applique circle in the very center.

IT’s my Dancing Ribbons quilt!

This is what it looked like late afternoon on Sunday July 1st.  All that’s left as of this picture is to remove the back and add a center applique.

Here’s the journey in picture form.

Starts with a free pattern from AQS. Too small. Blowed up on my scanner/printer.

Then colored the version of the pattern with photoshop.

Then I had to use all the organizational skills I’ve had to organize everything & then transfer to the foundations.

And then starting to sew them.

And then unsew them due to lack of contrast with the dark blue fabric.

And purchasing more dark dark blue fabrics. And then resewing them.

And more.

And more.

Last weekend getting closer.

Last weekend finishing up petals & starting to cut corner pieces. (pic taken sunday morning)

And then I thought I’d not have time to sew but plans changed.

So I finished outside & started sewing together.

And then I got the center finished.

And then I had the “bestest” time (NOT) trying to sew the curves of the center.

Turns out I ‘basted the quilt using my teeny tiny stitches. Then was able to resew together better.

Here’s a close up of some of the ribbons.

And now I have removed the paper (watching three television shows to do it). And I have cut out but not appliqued the center down.

Now to figure out how to quilt this that doesn’t emphasize the puckers that may or may not have happened while putting the outside curve together.

Very happy with this quilt.  All from an email for a free pattern!


  1. Oh my gosh,this is so pretty!!! What a huge difference swapping out the blue made. It’s a beauty!

  2. So amazing, Darla! I’d never have the patience for this! Carry on.

  3. Oh, so beautiful! I may have to make one of these too! I know I have this pattern on my computer somewhere.
    True confession: after all that paper piecing I did a couple of months ago, I kind of miss it

  4. That is spectacular, Darla!

  5. What beautiful work you have done! the colors are so great. I love how the ribbons twist around in the quilt.

  6. Wow, beautiful! I admire this as I would never be able to make this. I’m impressed.

  7. I really love your colors and design.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Hi I did a very similar pattern (twice) using a ten degree wedge. I think i’d like the 20 degree better. I love your site and findmyself linking .

    • Okay I am thinking about the 10 degree wedge and realizing that sounds almost insane. I had to work & rework this to get it to lay flat between wedges and that’s at 20 degrees. I can’t imagine each wedge getting half the size of this one. wow. Do you have pictures of the 10 degree wedge quilt you produced? I admit this was done last spring so it’s not the most recent thing in my mind. But I love it so much. Thank you for your comment!

  10. how much did you blow up the pattern by ? the finished size is?

    • Oh boy this was 5 years ago. I am trying to remember exactly, it might have been 200 percent, it might have been 400 percent.
      I do know that I blew it up enough to get one wedge onto a single 8.5X11 paper piece to stand out fully. I am leaning more into it being 200 percent, and I have tried to look it up on my blog by chance that I already said as such but can’t find it there.

      The quilt as it is in this form measures only 22.5 inches. I decided to fancy it up and “medallion it” with corners a few years later: https://scientificquilter.com/2014/08/24/36-0-tricord-ribbons-dancing-around-the-corner/ and with the addition of that part, the quilt measures only 34, but that’s probably not what you are looking for. I do wish this was a bigger design overall even from what I did make, the quilt still feels a little small. I put it into our regional show and up next to the other quilts, it felt very small, even with blowing up the pattern and putting the extra corners on and everything.

  11. C’est magnifique!!! Je vais commencer !!! depuis le temps que j’en ai envie

  12. Could you please aim me in the direction to where I can get this pattern?
    Yours is beautiful.
    Thank you.

  13. help i pd for this now it wont down load. what am i doing wrong. it is so BEAUTIFUL.

    • I just tried to email you at the link provided by wordpress, but the email provided was wrong. See the link in the blog post above or click on this link here. You will have to have a PDF reader and print on your own. And it’s free, so I am not sure who you are paying for this pattern, but you shouldn’t have to pay. I am not the author, nor distributor of the pattern.


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