26.6 SQ Ep 045 – Making Lemon Tea

July 15, 2012

Podcast Feed

Within the last month, I have had 2 unique experiences with my Guild.

The First is the Jelly Roll Race Day of which I did not participate, but watched several quilters make an easy quilt in an afternoon!

I go into some details about this in the podcast itself, but a few things I learned follow.

Lessons from the Jelly Roll Race Quilt

  1. Check your Jelly Roll Size
  2. Accordion fold fabric ready to sew
  3. Don’t waste your time rearranging the Jelly Roll before-hand
  4. Extra long Jelly Roll strips cut from fabric will make a different effect
  5. Adding small pieces that do not match the finished width will result in a wider quilt
  6. Accent fabric can be fun change to the Jelly Roll race look.
  7. If there is a particular seam you don’t like, you can rip it apart & flip it around to create a different effect
  8. Don’t forget to cut off the beginning strip – about 18 inches.
  9. The magic of the pattern is that you don’t know what it will look like, & some people are OK with that.
  10. A person could theoretically calculate different sizes of jelly roll quilts, but I am not going to do it myself.

Accordian Folding

One of these was rearranged, but it’s so close to the same quilt here.

How to cope when the jelly roll is too small. Add a layer cake or so!

These strips are longer & wider than traditional strips!

This quilt is quite wide due to the extra accent fabrics in the quilt.

I looked up some sites this AM to see if anyone else had calculated the jelly roll quilt math, and I found a few sites. I have not double checked any of these so cannot verify to the methods’ accuracies.

The second thing I did with my Guild is I participated in the Guild “show off your Works in Progress day” instead of a speaker.

I surely brought the most projects of all of the people who attended!

And I learned a few things from this day as well (highlights told in the episode, but also shared on facebook)

Lessons from Guild Works in Progress Day

  1. Everyone has old quilts that they’ve not touched for a while
  2. always always put your buttons & embellishments on AFTER your quilt is quilted, your longarmer will thank you
  3. There is a right & wrong batting for trapunto (puffy polyester)
  4. I still am really (unnecessarily) nervous in front of a group of really great & supporting people even when I can now rattle off a podcast (finally) without showing my nerves too much.
  5. Don’t trust it when my camera says it’s full battery, actually go & charge up the camera anyway
  6. Bright orange quilts are super bright & some people may not be able to sleep with a quilt that bright
  7. I love that it takes all kinds of people & quilters & quilt styles about finishing projects and that is what makes this hobby incredibly amazing!!!!
  8. Not everyone makes tiny wallhanging sized quilts, most people make them for their bed.

And my new project for the guild sewing day, Jelly Roll Strip Dresden blocks.

Jelly Roll strips I cut about 7.5 inches long, then sewed the narrow side.  Then cut using the Missouri Star Quilt Company wedge ruler.

And then tried playing with them.

One comment

  1. Ooooooh! A Dresden path!

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