27.3 SeamedUP Lament and Mystery Quilt Fabric Pick

September 15, 2012

Yes, I’ve been silent lately.

Another wave of anxiety has taken over the last week and a half, complicated by the loss of the SeamedUP website, which happened last weekend, so suddenly that it sort of put me into mourning.


A site that I spent some time on, put some effort into (okay most efforts were for my own selfish end), has disappeared.

And now with the suggested Threadbias site, which is pretty new, I don’t know if I can trust that after getting all my projects into that site that it will stay up and running or will that site go down as well?  I’m enjoying seeing all the SeamedUP people pop in over to Threadbias and following people I know. Maybe my Threadbias hesitation is the lack of cultivated relationship that I felt with the SeamedUP girls over the last few years?

Still, SeamedUP leaving was yet another notch of instability, during a time when I am already feeling more instability than I have for a while, and tipping the carefully balanced mood over to the “dark side” for several days this week.  I guess it was just some bad timing on my part.

I did spend some time composing a goodbye letter to the SeamedUP ladies, who I hope all are also getting over their own grieving processes as well.  A loss of something is still a loss, a loss of hope, trust, effort, & time.  And yes, its just a silly website, but still. A loss as well.  I knew how desperately hard Brye, Allison & Jenny were working on the site, how much the site was draining their lives away, so in a way I feel happy for them as well.


By friday I started finally feeling better, started getting back out of the mental loops that play around in the head, that do nothing to further yourself. I could actually “feel” the chemical imbalance, feeling that “something’s not right”, or at least I imagined I could feel the chemicals lowering & raising, in any event.  I’ve learned a few things about mood and the levels of hormones that flood or drain when different moods are engaged, and it’s been interesting and sorta helpful to think of it as an imbalance on my part as well.

Goodbye SeamedUp. Will miss you, but forever hold you in my heart.


So why did I sit down to write this fantastically ‘early fall’ morning? To ask if I’m crazy about my mystery quilt fabric pick.

The mystery quilt will be a 6 hour workshop with some precutting & presewing required before the middle of October.

The quilt is named Gemini Sky.

I think I’ve finally picked out the following fabrics for my quilt.

Do these fabrics go together?  The light one on the far left, the dark one on the far right, and the medium toned one on the middle-right. Those I know go together. For sure.

But the fantastic focus fabric that is “medium/large print” that must contrast with all the fabrics (well all the fabrics are supposed to contrast according to the fabric choice rules, but they all do contrast very well), does the focus fabric actually fit?

I know it’s a different style of line than the rest of the fabrics, and there actually is no deep dark blue the same as the fabric on the right, but there is some deep dark purple and black hidden in the focus fabric.  And I was hoping that the pink light flower print of the deep dark blue fabric would mimic the pinks that dominate the focus fabric.

Right now I DO think they go, but I am making sure that I’m not insane for thinking so.  Am I seeing things because I “want to” see them or are these fabrics actually a match? Would they match better if I threw light green as the light fabric?

Is there enough balance between the blues & purples in the focus fabric and the rest of the blues & purples?  The squares I have to cut at first are HST’s that end up 3 & a half finished.

Ah, an idea sprung as I was typing this post.

Maybe I should import these fabrics into EQ and then use them to play around with quilt designs and I can see if I like the combinations there or not.

Sometimes just the process of writing decisions down help the process of gelling through what to do to take the next step. So thanks.

And if you have any opinions about the fabric choices, please let me know, but also realize I have the right not to agree with the suggestions & opinions (as always), but I still appreciate them (as always)!


  1. I like your fabrics and think they go very well together with just enough of a variety in pattern to keep things interesting. I have EQ7 and love that you can scan your fabrics – maybe you will feel more assured after seeing it on screen?

  2. Yes, those fabrics will go together.
    That said, I would probably use the dark fabric in smaller pieces, or in a 1/4 to 1 inch accent strip, something that may not happen in a mystery quilt. I see a little of those dark colors in the dark fabric, so a little would definitely work.
    It depends on what you want.
    You need to know that I am more willing to experiment than most, but I am not rabid about it, so it works most of the time.

  3. Nice post, Darla. I hope you find a way to get your “chemicals” balanced so you can feel well most of the time. I understand the struggle.

    The mystery quilt fabrics are AWESOME! Yes, a light green would be nice if you can find one to pull out the green in the focus fabric (great focus fabric!). Your EQ idea is perfect. Good luck, can’t wait to see what you decide on and some of the first mystery blocks.

    Take care, Tami

  4. Looks great for a mystery quilt set. I love the pop the pink gives as the rest coordinate but need a bit of interest added.

  5. I think these fabrics will work gtreat together!

  6. Just go for it. Enjoy the process. I think the fabrics look great together. Seamed up was nice but we all need to move on. Brylyn and Allison will hopefully go back to doing their podcasts. I miss them. You will be just fine. Take it from me… and I know. I have many ups and downs. Life gets in my way and sometimes nothing is good enough. But, look around and see the sunshine.

  7. I like the fabrics you picked out. The second fabric has a lot of movement in it. I will enjoy seeing progressphotos of the mystery quilt as you make progress on it.

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