27.6 Towel Included!

October 9, 2012

Okay, so this last few weeks I thought I was DONE with the Don’t Panic Quilt. Except for the buttons.  And then the buttons were on a week and a half ago.

But something was nagging at the very back of my mind.  Where’s the towel?

A comment from a facebooker and fellow H2G2’er about putting a towel on a quilt has been simmering and simmering for a while.

And luckily, completely by accident, I saw a colorful and bright assortment of microfiber towels being sold at the grocery store.  So I bought them.

Love microfiber towels. Use them daily in the kitchen.

And the comment kept thinking and thinking, – well at least I could get one of these new towels and cut it up and put it on the quilt.

But I don’t want to cut up a microfiber towel – they’re too nice.

This morning I was working through some pent up energy, and I was thinking how could I get a towel onto a quilt?

And thought of a towel rack, and thought of a quick little strap instead of a towel rack.

So I sewed a strip together similar to how I did the lanyard, and sewed it onto the quilt in an area the towel could hang, undisturbed.

Here it is complete (finally)! And I LOVE the towel effect!

It hangs down and is completely interchangeable. I mean what use for a hitchhiker to have a towel that you cannot actually use, right?

For the quilt show I will probably bast a few threads down to the towel just to keep people from grabbing it.

Here’ my assortment of microfiber towels that I could replace with it.  Well I am saving a few of these back for me anyway!

Did I show you some of the other cool details of this quilt yet? Sorta secret hidden things?

The favorite saying (movie reference). And a very pushable looking button.

The yarn mess (movie reference), and below and above the DO is a 5 word saying that I think Marvin discovers about life.

Speaking of Marvin…

Anyone need a lift? Here’s the sub-ether thing-a-ma-bob symbol-looking thing (hitchhiker logo).

All done in mono-filament, so all hidden from normal view (galloping horse view). It’s on my wall, behind my monitor, above the dead printer. Perfect amount of space for the quilt and easy to see all the time!


  1. Love the towel, Darla! It’s such a great splash of color against the blue. Allof those microfiber towels looked luscious in the bright colors side by side!

  2. Love your quilt. The towel is a stroke of genius.

  3. What a wonderful little quilt. Well done you.

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