27.7 Little Star Quilt

October 13, 2012

Wednesday I worked on 3 little quilts. I did a little more yesterday afternoon (before everyone else started #gdas) and finished up the last one. Well, maybe finished.

These are little quilts that I already had backing for, I had to match my batting scraps, Frankenstein one batting together (just a tad too short), and stitch them down to sew.

Today I have time to share with you the first little quilt I worked on quilting.  As you may be able to see (over the next several posts), these quilts are even smaller than my “don’t panic” quilt.

The first little quilt I had purchased the block from Fabric Recycles earlier this year, and I had bordered it a while ago.

Now I decided to take my recent ventures into FMQ and go to town on this quilt.

This probably has a little “too much FMQ” all in the same area.  As you can see, I have circles around the circles, and lines of quilting on the X’s (I may just applique a star in the middle of the quilt, don’t like the circle I ended up making).

Here are some better pictures of this little quilt.

Hmm. I can see this better when I zoom out, but I have rows of pearls quilted along the X, but in the middle of the rows I have some “l’s and upsidedown v’s”.  Its the same pattern I have in the borders.

Which is a cute pattern I drew in my notebook a while ago when I wasn’t stitching anything.

Starting to think in FMQ now. 🙂

Good sign.

Here’s a final picture of the little star quilt showing the whole thing.

One of my favorite Craftsy tips on FMQ is from the beyond basics Free Motion quilting class is to give yourself a little area just off the side of the quilt to correct tension issues on the quilt before starting.

This is the little green patch of fabric to the left of my previous picture.  This allowed me to play a lot with my tension before committing the stitches to the quilt.

Like how this turned out. Except the center circle, but again, a yellow/gold applique star will just do the trick there!


  1. Darla your FMQ is amazing

  2. Cute design. What is #gdas?

    • #gdas get drunk and sew. happens a lot on friday nights on twitter.

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