28.0 SQ Ep 048 – TaDa – Mystery Revealed

October 21, 2012

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Ya know how hard it is keeping a secret from yourself?  Sometimes it’s relatively easy. You do things and you don’t always know why.

Sometimes its a tiny bit hard. Once you see something, you can’t unsee it.

Well as I mentioned in my previous episode, I went to a mystery quilt workshop during the weekend.

I broke into my thoughts about halfway through the quilt top center to share with you some of the things I was thinking about when making this quilt.

For some reason, I am not wanting to write about this as much as I want to just talk about it.

So we started here with all the precutting & presewing.

And then at the workshop had several steps to do (pics 1 after another after another)

1. gemini sky step 4, 2. gemini sky step 5, 3. gemini sky step 6, 4. gemini sky step 7

For a while I was fooling myself into thinking that I really didn’t “know” the pattern.

I saw step 8. Then I had to make a decision about the coloring based on my light fabrics being different.

Once I settled on the grouping, I had things spread out everywhere in this tiny room!

But I pinned part of the ‘color choice’ design to my design wall.

So here’s the center (taken inside).

But as you can see a galloping horse in the middle of the lighted forest would see this way.

Which I admit, is pretty nice.

Then the way I have the ta-da triangles to make the first blocks, you can see one section of it here.

Pin it down to sew.

Some of my “fat quarters” of fabrics sewn on the ta-da triangles.

Hopes this helps explain a little better. Watch the finished size, does not mean finished size of unfinished HST! Who knew?!!

What do you think about doing mystery quilts??


  1. I love mystery quilts! I have done many over the years: some one day online, some with weekly clues, some in person. I’ve even written a few for our retreat group.

  2. Your quilt looks great! Thanks for coming to the class!


  3. Great job! and see, the dark blue fabric works!

  4. Looks wonderful!!! I never did a mystery quilt and I don’t even now what that is!!!

    • A mystery quilt is when one person (or group) have a quilt design in mind for you to make, and then you pick fabric and step by step, you create the blocks to make the quilt intended. It could be any design (some work better than others) and the point is the surprise in the end from where you started.

      • That sounds like so much fun!!!!! Loved the colors on your quilt. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  5. I love the quilt and the colors – it is beautiful. I enjoyed you talking about the steps of your mystery quilt.

    I have to confess though, I would not make a very good mystery quilt student. I am the kid that was always at the base of the Christmas tree feeling the presents, tilting the box, and even attempting to peek through the seams where the wrapping was taped or look through the paper. One year my three brothers removed my gifts from under the tree until we opened the presents. I am still guilty of feeling the the box or trying to see through the paper. I do wait and open the gifts with all the other family members though.

    Perhaps one day I will take a class, however, I would peek ahead in the directons or diagrams just to see a little bit of what I was making.

  6. Hi Darla,

    Just listened to your episode. You have a lot of questions! I didn’t know there would be homework. 😉

    I also do my quiltmaking tasks in chunks. I don’t cut all at once or sew all at once or press all at once. I cut some, then sew some, then press some, then cut some more. It is kinder to my body to vary the tasks. I don’t get stiff when I move around.

    I usually like the end result of mystery quilts, but don’t want to do them. I never know what my quilts will look like at the end, though I may have some idea. I just don’t see the attraction of mystery quilts, though I also don’t mind looking at other people’s mystery quilts. I have enough of my own ideas to last me a century, so I don’t need to do anyone else’s. I have problems enough when I try to do patterns. I usually have to do a pattern a second time just to get the color placement “right.” My Stepping Stones quilt is a perfect example.

    Have a great day,

  7. PS I call that method of making triangles the Fish method. I learned it from a quiltmaking teacher named Mary Whitehead. I think it might have been the first class I took. If not the first, it was one of the first. We had to draw our own squares! You are right in that it is very flexible in terms of fabric usage. You can make a few triangles or many. With my Triangle Technique, 8 is the minimum, I think. JL

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