28.5 More complete pics of samurai sudoku

November 18, 2012

I apologize for my somewhat cryptic message I put up as the last blog post.  I had tried to post from ipod on retreat from the wordpress site & things weren’t the way I was used to.  And typing on such a tiny device isn’t my strong suit.

Any event, I calculated and finished the center of the top of the samurai sudoku quilt that I mentioned this spring.

Here is the better picture of the center than what was originally on flickr.

The 5 different game boards overlap, and the sashing has a lighter value than anything else on the quilt to highlight that fact. The center sashing is aqua instead of a variation of periwinkle like the corners are.

I took a lot of organizational sticky notes as I was going as well.

Each square had a number, each block had a position that was denoted, and each sashing had a name (below) for the corner of the quilt it was in.

And I was able to calculate everything with a sort of ‘master list’ I kept referring to (similar to the picture below, but the original picture was a blurry mess on sticky note, so this is a recreation of my master list).

I decided to chunk all the sashing with the right side and the bottom side connected to each quilt block after it was finished.

And I had to check the sashing as well to make sure it would work.

And here’s one corner of the quilt!

Which I had to rip out a few times the sashing in the corner when it was the ‘wrong color’. Which is a small price to pay for getting it right.

As long as I didn’t get too far ahead of myself …

But then I didn’t take any pictures and all these blocks got sized, sewn together the entire morning of the fall retreat I attended. At least no more pictures until the very, very end.

I had to put the pink postit notes all in the same corner of the quilt to keep me from getting confused. And then they were falling off, so I pinned down the post its anyway.

… Anyway… this blog post was started 3 days ago and now I am trying to compose another podcast episode. Part of it needs editing, and should be up shortly. Will create a new post when it’s ready.

Hope you enjoy the samurai soduko quilt pictures above!!!


  1. Darla, I love you Sudoku quilt top I think it is lovely….I am so jealous I can only waye HI and Bye to my machine as I go out the door… things have gotten so hectic. I love the colors / fabric of your quilt. looking foreward to seeing it finished.

    Still working on my FMQ baby quilt and found out I need to make two more…. more grand- nieces and grand-nephews on the way.


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  3. That hurts my brain! LOL
    It is so amazing! Great job.

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