28.6 SQ Ep 049 – What to take on Retreat

November 21, 2012

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As I was posing the question about what to take on retreat, I was hit by a question out of the blue about retreats on my Facebook wall.

I was happy to see that many different answers to the question, what do you advise a retreat newbie provided three answers to my questions.

First, bring things for personal comfort, such as food, fuzzy socks etc.

Second, bring things for supplies for projects – don’t forget your sewing machine if you’re a machine sewist. (most of us are!)

Third, reflect on the types of projects you’re taking – always precut, take more than you think, decide what’s useful for you to finish

In the longest section I discuss what it was like to be at my current retreat.

The biggest quilt was the samurai sudoku quilt top center finish.

Next was helping the near 10 year old with designing and sewing this block.


After the samurai was taken care of, I worked on these two blocks and made parts for more blocks.

And you can see the difference in the blocks and their construction.

And here’s the chilly pre-thanksgiving view from my porch this morning, testing out a camera option.  Luckily it will get nice and toasty today.


That’s all for now.  Look for BFSI quick post.

Additional music

Walking with your bare feet on by Erin Dickens


  1. Also take some fabric scraps to swap at the retreat too👍

  2. I enjoyed the retreats that I have gone on. I haven’t been on a retreat for several years now. I found that I got so much completed. Each time I have gone I had a huge project that I was working on. I was either piecing or quilting the project.

    I liked reading about your list on what to take. I look forward to listening to your podcast on the retreat.

  3. I LOVE the blue and red block with the thin light line going through it. Where did you get that block pattern? What is it called? Thanks, Tami

    • Tami I made the block pattern of the blue & red weave with the yellow across the top. I haven’t named it yet. I can send you the EQ block if you’re interested. From experience, using a bias bar along the top of the one weave looks mountains better than all the paper pieces I originally made.

  4. Great episode with lots of great information. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I listened to you today while I was sewing. I found myself nodding along to a lot of the suggestions about retreats. My quilt group has 2 retreats every year. They are a lot of fun and I love going to them. Some time away from the family with my girlfriends doing something we all enjoy. Heaven!

    • Just to not be confusing, I should have signed that comment:

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