28.8 A warm finish for a cold day

December 7, 2012

exothermic quilt only binding leftI actually finished a quilt.


The quilt of my obsessions for the past year and a half!

A double sided quilt. One with highly pieced and planned side, and one with a devil may care attitude and piecing.

I took the week off which gave me the courage to finish the last borders on the quilt back (one of which is completely hacked off on the finished product, but hey, I knew it would happen, and then finally rent the long arm again.

I have been starting to populate flickr with pictures of my Exothermic Wonders Quilt, a double sided warm color quilt that has a fall / halloweeny feeling, without actually getting cheesy about it.

Regular blog readers and listeners may have heard about this quilt before, and after this, I will move on to other things.

A quilt for me!!

The Back of this quilt (free form)

exothermic back finished

Some close ups of my pantograph called samurai.

quilting close up on back

And I also have quilting on the front of the quilt!

quilting close up front of quilt samurai

And this is early AM putting the binding on the quilt!

attaching binding to quilt

And I did it myself too. My 2nd quilt I’ve ever had on the long arm (ripped the zippers from the one I had 3/4 the way done.

I rented the long arm from Quilted Memories, and Lyn remembered who I was as soon as I walked in the door! What a great thing, and something I poorly needed!

And because of all the detail in the posts I had taken this spring (see part 1 & part 2), I had hardly any downtime trying to figure out how to work the machine the 2nd time. Even after 7 or so months away!

And because I was being silly, I thought this shot was pretty nifty!

looking through the deck

Today is a grey cold day, first cold day we’ve had in over a week. This winter is turning out to be another hot / dry winter like it was last year.

Bonus is that I’ve already got my christmas shopping done as well! Off to play for the rest of the day!


  1. What a wonderful gift to yourself. A beautiful and artistic quilt along with the immense pride that surely comes from knowing you did it ALL! It’s fantastic.

  2. I can’t decide which side is my favorite. I think they are both my favorites, each for different reasons. The well planned out side is so geometrically interesting. There are several patterns to look at so it engages the eye for a long time. The Devil May Care side is so free spirited and engaging while having enough symmetry to me comfortable to gaze at. Truly well done on all fronts.

  3. Hooray for the big finish!
    It really looks like a warm finish because my first thought when I saw the first photo was that it reminds me of the coals of a fire. Glowing and flaring little and sparking and dying down again. Little red and orange embers, covered with a little ash…
    Yeah, that is a cozy quilt.

  4. Wow – that is stunning! Well done, Darla!

  5. Congratulations it turned out great. You do such incredible work.

  6. Love the colours – and a reversible quilt is a great idea! Two quilts, and you don’t have to buy extra backing or wadding … =D

  7. What a great accomplishment Darla! Congratulations. It looks wonderful.

  8. The quilt is beautiful! I love the bright colors and the quilting you did.

  9. So great. I have trouble choosing my favorite side, but I think I’m partial to the panties and pope hats. Wasn’t that last Boxing Day? So worth the wait and work.

  10. Stunning quilt. You have every right to be excited and proud of this quilt. Your hard work has paid off.

    • This comment was actually left by EngrSandi. Apparently there are too many Sandis in the quilt podcast community (including podcasters and listeners)!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. Nicely done.

  12. I love this quilt Darla! I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!

  13. […] Some of the leftover pieces from my Exothermic Wonders Quilt. […]

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