29.0 Update – at least I didn’t fall into a hole

December 27, 2012

I have been starting to research and gather and organize my thoughts on a 50th episode of the podcast, but nothing I have done so far stands out as “right” yet. Things still seem rather disorganized and I have to settle down to figure out how I want to say what I want to say.

So I have been waiting to blog until that’s ready. Silly me.

And so I have news.

1st, the winner of the silly giveaway for the men without shirts and with quilts and burrito calendar was Engineer Sandi! One of the regular podcast listeners and blog readers and twitterers and stuff.

Seriously, this thing wasn’t rigged. Random.org picked the 2nd entry, and hers was 2nd.

randomcalendargiveawaynumber2Sandi wanted this for her friend. I contacted her, sent her the calendar, and she said she received it just before her friend came over, and they all had some good laughs over it, including some “you’re embarassing” type of comments from a daughter.

So that’s really good.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I hosted a giveaway for a 2013 calendar for quilters, put together by Megan of the Bitchy Stitcher.  For those of you that did not win (that’s all 76 of you actually), you can go order one and help support Megan in her cause for her brother’s cancer.

And what was also nice is that Megan posted on facebook about the whole thing, well she commented on my post anyway, which is just as good!

And I’m ready and waiting for January! Coming soon!

qsmasbc 2013 January

*** other news ***

And the holidays are good. I am trying to get better fit right now (started during a week I had off work earlier December) and so some of my ‘bumming around time on the internets’ has turned into, ‘how many games of solitaire can I finish while excercising on my ‘stationary-bike-like thing”.

Which is good and bad. Any motivation you can send my way would be helpful. Myfitnesspal as scientificquilter if you haven’t already seen it.

I’m not super confident on this, but maybe one day after walking I won’t be feeling short of breath.  Maybe. I also have to teach myself how to do hand weights exercises and body movements like lunges, jumping jacks and other things.

*** other news ***

Anyhow, I finally after 3 weeks got the binding done on my exothermic quilt, for the temperatures have plummeted again (hey it’s winter, so that’s okay).

lotsa binding

Which incidentally I finished on the boxing day sew in yesterday, that luckily I had off of work and talked to my long ago twitter friends.

*** other news ***

And then I shared a picture of what followed me home yesterday.


Which is a Bernina that I think I want to call hotlips due to it’s army greenness.  It’s a Bernina 540 Favorit and I spent some time yesterday cleaning out some places and trying out a few of the multitude of feet for her.

She is a flywheel belt driven system and I think this means that the girl takes a while to get going. The bobbin is loaded on the back.  And took me 6 tries to bring up the bobbin thread without getting her stuck.

So I don’t know if that’s a ‘new to Darla thing,’ a bernina thing, a ‘oops you threaded it wrong thing’, and so once I change to a thread we shall see.

But the tension works WAY better than my necchi which I also like, (I told all you Carlotta was a bit of a drama queen, just after her namesake).

I have only done a few actual stitching samples with this machine, but so far, I love the sound/feel of this machine once it does get going.

Cabinet stayed with the family. Oh and this is my machine, but if I don’t want it, it goes back to the family, not mine to sell.  I had offered to give up $ for a bernina if that was important, but in the end, as long as I was taking care of her, I think it’s okay to think about me keeping the bernina with me.

To come and live with me for a while.

This machine started out 3 generations up from me (great grandparents age). And that’s ultra special about it as well!

Anyway, I have to go. Time goes rather quickly these days, and I’m rather glad I’m not using my afternoons still making christmas goodies. Good idea, but bad if they’re left over ready to munch munch away.


  1. Nice, newsy post. Hotlips is very interesting, and the family connection is nice. I know, I’ll have to get serious about the exercise…good luck to us!

  2. wow what a beauty!! i just purchased singer i think from the year 30 jujjing the furniture that it fix on. i cant wait to have the delivery. cheers.
    happy new year !!!

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