29.1 Last post of the year – 2012 – star struck top picture

December 30, 2012

I finally got myself nudged by ruined plans to complete at least the top for the baby quilt I’ve been working on (sorta) the last month.

The baby this was ‘commissioned for’ is now 3 weeks old and I am still uncertain of the exact final resting place of the quilt, but this is a good enough size to turn over to someone else in any case.

I have decided on coordinating my center stars by hots and cools even though I was adamant when I started that I was going to only do random. Pooh pooh on random. For me.

black and colored baby quilt named star struck found on quiltville

black and colored baby quilt named star struck found on quiltville

I don’t know if I will ever (this can’t be true – I have 1 1/2 more rolls of this) use pinked edge jelly rolls again. I had the dickens of a time with the corners being sewn straight and getting them to “match up”.

It was hard for me (so I didn’t do it) to trim down the blocks – or even the subblocks and I am blaming the pinked edges even though it was probably more about how I handled the bias than anything.

So there, pinked edges.

Anyway, I am trying to go back and honor my commitments without being too stressed over them. But I had another issue I was also working through with this quilt which was unintended and every time I saw the blocks I was concerned about it. So I didn’t want to work on it.

Nothing big, but it was me freaking out over something that I didn’t need to freak out over. As per usual.

And now I realize this quilt is half way done.  Just needs the quilting on it.

Quilting on.

I just may get a ‘year in review’ post done about the quilts that have been finished or the ones I plan to work on next, but I also may not.

This blog & journey has never been about the “number of quilts” that I completed, but sharing what I learn with all of you as I learn it.

And figuring out creative ways to do my best work, or to not do my best work, and explain it all away.

star struck posed on chair


  1. That’s very pretty, Darla. I love the bright colours!

  2. This is a fabulous quilt and I like that you went bold with the black 🙂

  3. Hi Darla, I like your bright colours. Happy New Year and keep quilting!

  4. Well, from here, this top looks darn perfect, so go with it. You know, the galloping horse thing, drinking wine while watching The Waltons, baby drool…who cares? Now, this is little, a baby quilt, this will not take long. Spray baste this puppy, quilt it up, machine bind it (hard use), and get it to these folks before they notice that they didn’t have it at birth. A quick 2013 finish! Go for it!

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