29.4 Working on it Wednesday January 16

January 16, 2013

This quilt is getting SO SO close.

I do have my issues with my vintage machine – carlotta my necchi.

I was sewing the binding on the back to do my very first machine binding, choosing to do the zig zag finish stitch with the pretty multicolored thread. I got 1/3 of the way around and, ugg, I have to rip & start over, may need to press my binding down flat, but the stitches were being skipped on the binding.

sewing on bidning

And you may or may not be able to see the skipped stitches in this picture.

machine binding stitches skipped

I gave up for the day (and the next day) as soon as I saw that I’d be ripping out. NO STRESS for this quilt, and if I had ripped at this time, I would have stayed up late and stressed me out at work all day the next day. And today, was busy after work as well.

And tomorrow’s a sewing day, but a sewing at someone else’s house day, so I don’t have the luxury of sewing down binding due to limited space.

I DID think I didn’t know what to do tomorrow, but I think I inadvertently found a project. That was at the “piecing stage”.

I think I want to do the “Quilt It! Challenge” hosted by Jackie and Kitty, some wonderful ladies on twitter in the podcast universe community thing.

The premise is to take 1 quilt block and quilt it 3 different ways throughout a quarter.

Love this idea, very “experimental”.

Although I could see this being a quilt together and my symmetrical mind screams 4 blocks, 4 blocks, you must do 4 blocks each. So it’d be interesting to think about a 4th design. Let alone a 3rd or 2nd design on the blocks.

And the first 3 months are close to a design I was going to do anyway for the future, so tomorrow I’ll be piecing some blue & white blocks together.

And I will do my best to quilt it this year. I already have plans to quilt more this year to reduce the number of tops waiting to be quilts.

I wanted to show off something one of my quilting retreat friends/mentors/inspirators made for everyone at the last retreat I attended.

A beautiful stiletto.

stiletto gift

It makes me want to purchase a custom seam ripper. Maybe one day.

And today I got a book, and a few days ago another pattern. Want to see?

books and pattern

The book in the middle talks about color, and my friend is introducing a color workshop for our guild next month, and I am sure this may help inspire her, although at this point, it may be too late.

The pattern on the right is just a twister color inspiration. I will probably be making the throw quilt pattern out of this pattern as it has more colors to it than the others.

With the twist ruler I bought, I can be somewhat flexible on the size of the project, but I do have to keep in mind I’ll be making a quilt twice with it.


And the book on the right is spiral quilts, which takes a shape, and shows you how to fractal the shape, and how to design quilts, color patterns, and math, and pretty, and triangles, and fractals, and pretty ….. swoon.

Plus I’m trying to get in a little bit of walking in, or cycling on a stationary bike type thing (pedal only), or something, which also takes chunks out of my days.

Busy busy. Always. I know how to stay busy. But the last half hour or 45 minutes of my day I do tend to rest.  Take care! Until next time.


  1. Balance in our days is definitely something I struggle with at times. When I get it right (my definition of right) it feels fantastic. Sounds like you are balancing work, social quilting, solo quilting, fitness, etc. Great stuff.

    On the ripping, if you did a zigzag, it will probably be easier than you think. zigzag stitches tend to be easier to remove than straight stitches. I admire you for doing a machine-stitched binding. I just cannot remove the tape in my head of my Mum and her quilting rules. One that is still truly loud is her requirement that binding be done by hand (machine stitch the first half then hand sew the second step). Perhaps I will get there some day.

  2. Lots of fun stuff happening at your place! Sounds like you are pretty stoked about that spiral book.
    I have to get back on track with my running schedule myself. I feel like I am starting from scratch after a six week plus hiatus due to illness/injury/illness. Fitting into the schedule is always hard, especially when I would rather be asleep or reading or sewing. 🙂
    Good luck with the binding!

  3. It is never fun when you have to un -sew!.You had the right idea to wait until a new day. Good luck!

  4. Darla, that’s a great binding you picked for your star quilt. Is it possible you are using the wrong bobbin in your Necchi. I mixed them up once and the same thing happened to me while sewing down the binding. Just a thought. Happy sewing day mañana.

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