29.5 Weaving UFO

January 19, 2013

I have hidden this quilt in the back of other posts, but when I was thinking of a “quilt that was in the piecing stage” to take to my friends the other day, I grabbed this bag for my weave quilt.

I eventually will call this quilt something else I think.

I made the center of the quilt way back at a retreat 2 years ago. Bought the fabrics for the borders, but then realized I didn’t want to deal with the borders as plain.

I wanted pieced borders.

And so now I have been working on the pieced borders for this very simple quilt top.

The top, you may have seen before:


And I had the whole thing labeled ready to assemble later.

rows labeled

And this is the stage the center is still in, but I had a dream ….

… a dream where the weave pattern of the center would be friends with the weave pattern of the border.

A dream where the borders were not made, but especially created. By me.

I had several options, but I played with the idea of the bright yellow accent doing the weaving.

So I created this block (EQ first, then real life)

weavequilt border

And this block requires paper piecing, so I worked on paper piecing the block in sections once I figured out how.


And although I tried and tried to line things up, I did not do a super fantatstic job at making sure all the yellow pieces were even the same width.

So I had my PLAN B for this quilt – Bias Bars

weave quilt blocks two types

The one on the left.

And this works much better.

So now I’ve made 5 more-almost 6 more.

weave borders 5 block centers

To complete the pattern I have created, I’ll need a total of 38 blocks. Of which I have 6. Maybe I can opt to weave the sides only, or the top & bottom only, and do a straight chevron for the other sides.

Depends on what I have available.

The block wouldn’t be so bad now that I am organized, except for all the trimming up at each sub cut stage.

weave border groups of organization

Well off to work on it a tiny bit more before going to bed for the evening. If I get my act together I maybe can think about a tutorial for a weave border.  Maybe.


  1. OOOH! So cool! Carry on! Even if you only did a bit on the top and bottom it would add so much pizazz!

  2. Your pieced border is really going to take your beautiful quilt up a couple of notches. The time and effort are going to be so worth it. LOVE it!

  3. It actually could be really interesting and unexpected to to do this top and bottom or wrap two opposite corners. It’s dynamic,Darla.

  4. I like that! You always come up with such great designs.

  5. I love your weave border. If you have enough fabric I would do the weave around the entire quilt, instead of just two sides. It will look spectacular!

  6. Wow, the woven effect looks great! Can’t wait to see the end product

  7. I like your idea. Your colors look great together. I would surely pin this idea, should you decide to make up a tutorial.

  8. […] was 2 years ago. I am certain I talked of this quilt before on this blog before at least once or […]

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