29.8 All Report In for the 1st Week of March – A – Long 2013

March 9, 2013

This is the time for everyone to report in for their actions of the first week of the March-A-Long.

For those new to the blog, this is a 15 minute per day challenge where YOU (and I) attempt to do some ‘quilty stuff’ each day.

You can chose to use my daily format for reporting in, or just give a general synopsis. Did you make your goals for the week?

I am attempting my first linky party with this too. I will leave links open until the end of March. If you have a March A Long blog post, link it below.

I know it’s short notice, but people who leave comments/links before tomorrow AM will be included in the report in tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) podcast.

For each week that you participate in the March A Long, I will put your name in a drawing to receive at least Leah Day’s beginning Free Motion Quilt book patterns called from Daisy to Paisley. This drawing will be done at the end of the month and may include more things, such as charm packs or other quilty items yet to be determined.

Also feel free to download and/or use my day graphics (saved as .png). I am starting to learn how to use EQ7 and so its kind of fun to take a tiny bit of time playing around with the site.

But first this year’s logo:

March A Long 2013

I’m counting the first week from Sunday through Saturday.  The first two days of march were not in a full week of their own, so they’re kind of bonus this time.

March-A-Long Week 1 – Scientific Quilter


Sunday I ripped out pieces of paper on the back of my ribbons weave quilt borders.


Monday I took an old (~2 year old) EQ7 picture outline and labeled it with pencil. For applique.


Tuesday, I figured out how to print using my printer on freezer paper. I found by taking the freezer paper, ironing it to a plain piece of paper, and very forcefully and fully taping the paper down on the leading edge with painter’s tape to help it get into the printer without loading issues.


Wednesday, I sat and stared at all the freezer paper pieces I printed on Tuesday and wondered exactly how to make the whole thing work on applique because I didn’t allow for space to ‘turn under’ the applique edges, and overlapping pieces to keep continuity of the design. This was all “mental work” for 15 minutes. And I even dreamed about paper piecing the entire thing.  Seriously.


Thursday, I went to my friend’s house, and armed with fresh pieces of freezer paper, I made the decision about which pieces would be on top of my applique, and then made the hard choice of tracing all the applique again onto new fresh freezer paper pieces that DO have space around the edges for overlapping. Then I sewed down the borders of my periodic table applique that has been sitting in time out for a year.


Friday, I completely poopooed the 15 minute idea, deciding to exercise and go to bed early instead.  I had done more than 15 minutes on Thursday to make up for this. 😉


Saturday, today, I picked out some fabrics that may go with the applique I was cutting out on Thursday. Then I got out a fabric piece for a completely different applique project that I purchased just after my Sunflower Patio Dreams quilt was appliqued down.  This project is called Wildflowers and is the basis of the flower design on my nametag I made several years ago.

I then tried to go to quilter’s cache, and did not find it loading for me, and then I went to EQ7 and drew out the garden maze sashing that I always envisioned for the wildflower quilt.  I don’t have the border fabric picked out yet, nor the garden maze sashing fabrics picked out, aside from the colors, but I DO have a limited amount of fabric to use for my applique background blocks and am in the process of cutting it out right now.

I also spent about an hour writing up a story about my Star Struck quilt, and sent the quilt off in the mail to its lucky recipient.

Here are a few photos of this week’s progress and things I’ve been doing.

flickr photos week 1 march 2013

Now here’s a chance to inLinkz for the first week of March.



  1. My week was pretty productive. I continued working on my two hand projects at work. I have an embroidery project and I have an Hawaiian applique project. This week I needed to take my son to school at 7:15 but didn’t start work until 8:30 so I also did hand work for an hour before starting work. Total of 6 hours and 10 minutes. Pretty awesome stuff for me.

    Then, at home I finished a wall hanging for a friend who was expecting a baby. She just delivered the baby on Thursday morning and I will be giving her the gift later this weekend. That was four hours to complete.

    In addition, I worked on several blocks of my Sylvia’s wedding quilt. Since the project requires 140 blocks, my goal is to do at least 5 each week. I managed to complete 7. Total time – 8 hours.

    Lastly, I did the March block for Lucky Stars. It was a fast block, probably took me less than an hour, but I am pleased with how it turned out.

    Today is a snowy day. I worked from 6-9:30, went to a quilt block thing at the quilt shop at 10:00 and am now home. After doing a bit of housework, I plan to barricade myself in my sewing space and get some stuff done. I am looking forward to it. Why is it so much easier to sew w hen it’s snowing than when it’s warm outdoors? Oh, I know! It’s because we are not tempted to get outside to run or do yard-work or…. Yeah, that’s it! Sew happy~

  2. I’ve been pretty productive at both knitting and sewing this week. I take knitting to work, and worked on a headband this week (about 15 minutes a day). Today I’ve been working on a modified jelly roll race for about 2 hours. I am using several Star Trek fabrics I found at Joanns, with some solids (red, gold, blue) as intermittent blocks. I have the strips sewn end to end and the first lengthwise seam sewn. Time to get back at it!

  3. I did it! I am working on my post and will have it up/linked by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Ok, so each day in March I’ve quilted at least 15 minutes a day, many days much more. Projects include sewing blocks from Easy St mystery quilt and basting hexagons. I also gathered together stash fabrics for a future hexagon fabric, went through quilt magazines to weed them out, and tweeted with quilters. Am marching along!’

  5. Hi Darla, I made more than 15 minutes each day this week! My first grandchild is on the way and I’ve finished one baby quilt already (Baby is due in August). I have a second one almost done (Cat in the Hat!). I have the book to go with it too. Thanks for doing this. It looks like you’ve been way productive too – good for you! Tami In Denver

  6. I did manage to sew 15 minutes a day though not much more. It included machine quilting a.donation quilt, hand piecing some hexies and working on the March Lucky Stars BOM. Thanks Darla this has been great motivation in a crazy busy work week.

  7. I sewed 4 out of 7 days, which is more total sewing time than I’ve had in the last 3 months. I spent more than an hour sewing each time. Worked on costumes for my son’s play and worked on a quilt from a class I took last fall. Thanks Darla!

  8. […] the month of March, Darla, over at Scientific Quilter Podcast and blog is hosting a Quilty March-A-Long. This is a 15 minute per day challenge to do something quilty each […]

  9. I sewed 5 out of the last 7 days. This has been a busy weekend with kids’ activities, so no sewing yesterday or today. I hope to make up for it next week. I did 2 blocks for my Project of Doom quilt and got some pieces ready for emboridery. I also cleaned up my sewing space a little, and packed up a quilt for charity.

  10. Between this March Along challenge, the Crafty Garden Mom’s UFO challenge and a local quilt shop UFO challenge, I am starting to show progress on projects. I started off the week by making my Forget Me Not block for the Sugar Block Club BOM so I stay on track with the monthy commitment.

    After the block was completed I moved along to finishing the piecing on a Christmas table runner. By sitting down daily for at least 15 minutes at my sewing machine I was able to make progress on the table runner to where I was quilting the project by Thursday afternoon. The table runner is ready to have the binding hand-stitched down while I listen to podcasts on Sunday.

    When I wasn’t working on the holiday table runner I was piecing a backing for a baby quilt for my new granddaughter. The top was pieced in November and put away until I made the backing. I pieced the back with fabrics that were used on the front of the quilt. The back is now ready to be sandwhich and pin-basted. So Yay!

    Another project that I worked on this week was the backing for what I call The Family Threads Quilt. This is a picnic quilt that is made out of jeans of each family member. This quilt top was made when I first started to learn about quilting, about eight years ago. Today, I stitched the backing fabric together and then prepped it for pin-basting tomorrow. I also marked out a quilting pattern on the denim since I have to work around rivets and pockets that are part of the blocks in the quilt.

    Today while taking a break on the bigger projects I also made progress on my Craftsy 2012 BOM blocks. Yes, I am behind with the classes but I am now up to August. I made the Modern Dresden Plate Wheel block.

    Thanks, Darla for the daily challenge.

  11. […] followers of The Scientific Quilter have been Marching Along this month, pledged to sew at least 15 minutes a day.  This has been an ideal week for me, since […]

  12. Darla, I sewed every day this week, usually for several hours! I finished the orange and navy quilt, and made the top for the “Sultry” quilt. Not a bad week at all. Thanks for holding us accountable!

  13. You have inspired me! I have been working on going throughy huge collection of magazines 15 min a day. By the end of the week the pile was greatly diminished. Saturday I spent about 3 hours doing more declutter ing and am happy with the results. This week I plan to continue til the magazines are all caught up.

  14. Darla,
    I just listened to your podcast yesterday. I love these challenges that aren’t super daunting. I will link up next weekend. Do I link on Saturday? Thanks for cheering us on.
    Jodi B

    • Yeah, its supposed to be saturday, this is completely fine, I should have a post out on Saturday, but it may also be later in the day, this coming week became really crazy with tasks that have time limits, and I am trying to get things in place to help me out to get the report in post. Today I was supposed to post a podcast reply, and I had stuff going on that is going to cause me to be late today. Good luck on your efforts this week!

  15. Hi Darla,
    I’m doing very well! So far 15 minutes or more every day. I’ve hand quilted, machine quilted, and also worked on a pattern that I’ve been writing. Thanks for the motivation!!! –Kelley

  16. Well, I’m really late because we were out all weekend shopping and busy last night. I won’t type out a long explanation, as I’m on my phone, but I’ve copied my notes of time spent below 🙂
    3/3. 5 hours – KE Mystery, POF Mystery, ironing fabric
    3/4. 1 hour – POF Mystery
    3/5. 1 hour – cutting fabric, machine shopping
    3/6. 45 minutes KE Mystery
    3/7. 45 minutes KE Mystery, machine purchase
    3/8. 15 minutes KE mystery
    3/9 – – – – – – – –

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