29.9 Mid week report – missing podcast due to all he double hockey sticks breaking loose

March 13, 2013

So I was all set to record podcast on Sunday, things were typed up, put in google docs, microphone out, computer restarted, ready to go, and stuff just came up about 3 hours earlier than I expected, and then there was an issue to take care of “right now” which involved parts in the rest room, water, traveling to town and back, vice grips, and large plastic screws.

And the rest of the week is usually so hard to sit down and focus after work on recording, and I have somehow decided to pack an entire half year’s of activities into the single month of March.

For one, my dad & brother, of whom, I haven’t seen in two years, just decided to tell me last week that they’re coming next week, in the middle of the week. Which makes me elated, but also makes me crazy.  No real amount of time to prepare, and this is running in the back of my mind, in the front of my mind, oh crap the house. And no I couldn’t request for it off work due to time and other people had it off already. Happy yes, stressed yes, it’s hard to tell my dad ‘uh no this isn’t a great time’ because that’s kinda how he is.

I have/had other weird things like a wedding reception to attend Saturday, and presents to buy, and invitation I can’t locate anywhere, and guild treats to bring (heart set on making caramel/peanut butter popcorn), ran out of ingredients twice, oil change, mountains of laundry, birthday coming up, fabric everywhere.

A breakdown ensued the Sunday before last, just knowing all the more things packed into this month than the March A Long, and the March-A-Long podcast that I had lovingly planned.  Also a bunch of snippy remarks after things blew up sunday so spectacularly at the end of the day.

So, things didn’t work out for podcast this past Sunday, but I HAVE been trying to be creative in getting my 15 minutes of quilting done per day, even if sometimes I’m switching projects from one to the next. Picking and choosing projects & parts that are good to make in 15 minute increments.

And Saturday/Sunday before the bottom of my day fell apart, I was working on these beauties, which are strips to a hot air balloon that I’m working on flushing out. Yes, a UFO that’s just gotten started. Sorta.

hot air balloon pieces


  1. I think my blood pressure went up just reading about your stress! 🙂 Sorry about the chaos. I am intrigued by the balloon. Looking forward to seeing that!
    My sewing time yesterday got kicked to the curb due to a 3 hour stint at the doctor after my daughter was injured in PE. YAY! 🙂 Tomorrow is another day. (Not that any sewing has happened today either.)

  2. Phooey on snippy comments. Really, people, are YOU podcasting? You’ve motivated me to quilt some each day, and life happens. I’d take working porcelain appliance over podcast. And certainly family visit over podcast. I’ll still be here, quilting away. March on, Darla!

    • sorry, I meant snippy comments coming FROM me about me not fulfilling my promise. I got a little grouchy. And yes, I shouldn’t have been so snippy, I realize that.

    • sorry, I meant snippy comments coming FROM me about me not fulfilling my promise. I got a little grouchy.

  3. Oh my! Take a deep breath and find a way to relax, even if for a few minutes. Yes, plumbing and family are more important than a podcast this week. As much as I enjoy your podcasts I can wait until the time is right for you. Enjoy your family!

  4. Well, you could draft your father and brother into helping you do stuff around that house (unless you or they are the kind that you feel you would have to undo/redo whatever task it is you set for them to do.) My dad was very handy. My brother is not so much.

    I’ve mostly been drafting blocks, so very little sewing has been going on, BUT I have been faithful in working on quilt/fabric stuff everyday (just not as good about updating my blog…although I *am* creeping back to Thursday posting again.)

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