30.1 Relaxing

March 17, 2013

I give up on producing the podcast for this week today.

I have gone overboard at cleaning this place up for the Tuesday visit from family (oh no, not me going overboard), and while my house is mostly clean (except for a pile of things in living room that can be put back in a hurry if necessary) I have overexhausted myself at this time.

So I chose to relax with the end of my time for today.


PLEASE keep reporting in on your March-A-Long progress for the 2nd week, and DON’T GIVE UP on Marching A Long with 15 minutes a day for this coming week!


What did I do, cleaned 3 major rooms of the house which includes things like mirrors, mopping, wiping down, vacuuming out dryer hoses (needed it, now my dryer will work like it did when new and less risk of fire!), folding fabric and putting it away, sorting fabric, cleaning up piles of zip lock bags, picking up things from 3 different rooms, sweeping under areas that I long have avoided, cleaning behind permanently out items on the kitchen cabinet.

I am sorry that this was my priority today, I haven’t even went grocery shopping for the week.  It was a great catalyst for spring cleaning the house, I knew I only had today to put it all together.

But I am “all pooped out”, and hopefully tomorrow, I can enjoy my birthday in peace at a new to me restaurant.

And the next day after work I will be enjoying time with my family without cleaning one bit. I am sure none of them will notice, but I will feel less ashamed this way at how things really get as bad as they do otherwise. I normally don’t “see” the mess at all anymore, become blind to it, until I imagine looking at my house with ‘a stranger’s eyes’.

my clean table


  1. Wow! What a neat work surface! Happy Birthday and I hope you love the birthday dinner tomorrow.
    ~June in AZ

  2. Happy Birthday, Darla. You just go ahead and relax – you deserve it!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! I hope the restaurant is good. 🙂

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