30.2 All Report In for the 3rd Week of March – A – Long 2013

March 23, 2013

This is the time for everyone to report in for their actions of the third week of the March-A-Long.

For those new to the blog, this is a 15 minute per day challenge where YOU (and I) attempt to do some ‘quilty stuff’ each day.

You can chose to use my daily format for reporting in, or just give a general synopsis. Did you make your goals for the week?

Comment below or use the inlinkz tool below. I will leave links open until the end of March. If you have a March A Long blog post, link it below.


As you may have noticed there was no podcast the last two Sundays, unlike my original plan, we’re just going to have to have march a long at the end of the month. Or maybe tomorrow and the last week.  SO busy this week!  Slept in MANY hours today, and I still feel like I need to rest.

The past week things were much more social than I ever expected, but also much more fun than sitting at home by myself.  Today has been a chill out day for me to recoup. Hopefully I won’t also need tomorrow to recoup too.

For each week that you participate in the March A Long, I will put your name in a drawing to receive at least Leah Day’s beginning Free Motion Quilt book patterns called from Daisy to Paisley. This drawing will be done at the end of the month and may include more things, such as charm packs or other quilty items yet to be determined.

March A Long 2013

I’m counting the week from Sunday through Saturday. How was your third quilty week? Here’s mine.

March-A-Long Week 3 – Scientific Quilter


Sunday, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. At the end of the day I folded two different papers I made for paper piecing. I did make an effort, but only worked about 5 minutes towards anything quilty, except to put out the blog post at the end of the day surrendering any further progress.


Monday, being my birthday, was also a bust when it came to quilting. I DID however, go on a “birthday walk” and I did however, eat my very first Japanese dinner cooked in front of me. The chef was very animated and kept calling me “pretty lady”.  Joking around with him was also a lot of fun. Maybe I need to make a Japanese inspired quilt, based on his performance.


Tuesday was the big day that my dad & brother came to town. As soon as I got home (had to really work to leave on time) we went to a downtown adventure of catching up with family even when there were big puffy flakes of snow coming down.  Pizza, window shopping, and later in the day ice cream.  So no quilting this day either.  I think the AM I may have laid out some aqua and pink fabrics to use for one of my hexadaisy quilt patterns. Or maybe this was Monday afternoon??


Wednesday was my only day “at home” but I used that cooking.  I also started collecting my quilting things to go on a “small trip” for the next two days, and I picked out the fabrics I wanted to use for my 2nd hexadaisy quilt.


Thursday, I visited my close by friend which we try to meet once a month. I love having a sewing day on a schedule, even on an otherwise busy week, and I am pretty sure she needed distraction from things going on, on her end. I started cutting down the fabrics for my multicolored hexadaisy quilt to manageable pieces (prior to paper piecing).  I also determined on this day which seams were dark and light, drew out my color map for the hexadaisy project, and actually sewed a few seams down for some of the red blocks for the hexadaisy quilt.


Friday, Jackie & I were able to meet for the afternoon for a day of sewing talking about sewing and trying to sew some things.  Actually this was quite out of the ordinary, but also quite familiar at the same time. It was nice meeting a new / old friend who there is enough familiarity and also enough strangeness to ask each other about their lives still.  We showed off our stuff, ate, discussed many things, and she showed me how to use an embellisher.  So I made a needle book (picture below).  Also very fun & new.  Total quilting time was probably not as much as food time or chatting time, but if there’s a next time, which I hope there will be, there will probably be less setting up time involved. 🙂  But also this was very fun time even when not sewing directly on projects!


Saturday, well before I posted I actually wanted to sew a few things, so I worked on the hexadaisy paper pieces, I have almost all of the red based blocks done, most of the orange blocks done, and am starting on the yellow blocks. This is going faster today as I have my groove or am better at finding it today.

Here are a few photos of this week’s progress and things I’ve been doing. The needle book is purple with red purple corners, but the color isn’t turning out very well in the photo below.

flickr photos week 3 march 2013

Now here’s a chance to inLinkz for the third week of March.


  1. […] I am also reporting in for the 3rd week of the March-A-Long that Darla is hosting. My report is very brief (non-detailed) this week. I have definitely spent […]

  2. This covers the last two weeks as I forgot about reporting in on March 16.

    Last week I finished two UFO projects!

    I finished up a Christmas tree table runner. Prior to Christmas I had pieced a very small percentage of the runner so I was pleased to get the project completed.

    The second project was also a UFO. This one I had started years ago, somewhere around 2004 when a local quilt shop held a denim quilt class. The quilt top was completed in class and since then it has been on the closet shelf. Last week, I sandwiched, quilted and put a binding on the quilt. It was one heavy project to quilt! I also made a machine embroidered quilt label for the quilt.

    This week I worked on piecing the back to a baby quilt. Today I layered and pin basted the quilt. I am now in the quilting phase of the quilt. I hope to have the quilting completed by Sunday evening. This quilt is also a UFO that I started in November.

    Thanks for the March along.

  3. Hi Darla! I had another great sewing week; more than 15 minutes a day again! I bought a new sewing machine one day – surely that counts! I’m loving my new Babylock Crescrendo.

  4. Hmmm, still marching along here. Was sick a few days of this week, but still basted, sewed together and appliquéd some hexies in a new project. I also chugged along on Easy Street. Thursday I went to my quilt friendship group meeting. There was a lot of laughing, and yes, sewing. I took hexies to baste. Yesterday and today, more work on hexies. Yes, I am obsessed. Also last night and today I’ve been sewing animals from panels to hand off at guild meeting Friday.

  5. Marching along in sew awesome style. My hand work Calendula Quilt is keeping my interest at work and also at home. I worked on it all six days I was at work, both during lunch as well as about 30 minutes each day before work. Since I drop off my son at school, I have some free time before I actually start work. It’s coming along really nicely.

    In addition to those roughly 6 hours, I have been working a bit on my Hawaiian applique. Although I didn’t keep track, I worked on it almost the entire time I was at chemo, other than when I slept. hat’s about three hours.

    I also did four blocks for my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. This is a SLOW quilt I am piecing as I have time. It’s being done with no color rules other than using gray for the background. These blocks took 2.5 hours total.

    Lastly, I spent an hour at the LQS trying to get them to fix one heck of a mess with a setting kit I ordered SEVENTEEN months ago. I have been waiting as patiently as possible while they spun story after story about when these fabrics were going to arrive. They finally confessed that they were unable to get three of the fabrics. When I got what they DID have and brought it home, it was immediately obvious that there were significant cutting errors. To make a long story short, I schooled them on math facts, educated them on how to add and multiply with fractions and got some money refunded. Then I went on a hunt to try to buy the fabrics they did not have or cut too little of. I found a couple of them and will substitute another one for the third. Needless to say I will not be pre-paying for any large fabric orders from this store in the future. As soon as my mail order fabric arrives, I have a TON of work to do. This quilt was supposed to be for a wedding and the couple just celebrated their first anniversary.

  6. Those blocks are looking so fab!

  7. This hobby is turning into a part-time job. Thanks for the motivation in thinking about what I am doing. I spent 23 hours this week on my quilt projects. Below is a day-by-day report:

    3-18: 2 1/2 hours. I finished my twisting twice quilt and pin-basted my batman quilt.
    3-19: 2 hours. I machine quilted on the batman quilt
    3-20: 6 1/2 hours. Today was a sit ‘n sew. I worked on an applique project (Anita’s Angels) and then machine quilted on the batman project.
    3-21: 1 hour. Once again I machine quilted on the batman quilt.
    3-22: 2 hours machine quilting the batman quilt.
    3-23: 9 hours. At my Saturday sit-‘n-sew group I worked on an old project – My confetti quilt.

    That’s it for the week. Sit-‘n’Sew groups are so much fun for me.
    Best Regards

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  9. Darla,

    It was fun having you over this week and I agree the next time we may spend more time sewing than getting to know one another. You did a great job on your needle book and I hope you put it to good use.

    While some days it was difficult to get much sewing in, I did find time in some way to do something. March is a great month to get me moving back into my sewing swing after the Jan/Feb work stress.


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