30.5 It’s coming

April 14, 2013

After two weeks of blog silence, I am finally organized enough to say … it’s on its way.

I am working on a podcast that highlights the past March-A-Long progress of everyone so far.

I am certain that this year 2013 is one of the busiest yet. Overall. Everyweek is CRAZY, even my days off. Especially my days off. And we haven’t even started with lawn chores yet.

Anyway in terms of the end of March-A-Long podcast preparation, I have copied, pasted, looked at blogs, looked at my own blog posts, searched, printed, color coded, written numbers everywhere, and I am attempting to get the entire month of march narrowed down into a list of sorts (or two) to help me prepare.

Some statistics so far:

I have counted 62 separate entries for the March A Long, the inlinkz posts were done by 9 different bloggers overall, and I have counted 23 different quilters that have commented on the March-A-Long blog posts or added their own links for this year.

I tried to copy quotes from all people, and I may have to cut down my quote list a little bit from what I have printed out (5 pages yikes) since all of you can come back and read the March-A-Long comments for yourselves. As of this time, I may have a quote from everyone on the list, or I may be “really really close” to everyone on the list.  After I record all of this (or during if I can’t pick up the pace a little bit) I may search & decide to cut similar things said by different people.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate ALL your hard work during the month of March and ALL the time you took either organizing or telling me about it.  Whew, we did great!!

In addition to searching my own blog, I also tried to revisit the blogs that were listed in the inlinkz and I have a small sampling of things that were written on their blogs too.

But in organizing all this, I am done with my allotted time for today, leaving no time for recording.

So it’s coming, and it’s ready, and I am trying out a new mic, but it is not recorded but I have not forgotten you in the last busy two weeks.

I did get a tiny bit of sewing done since we spoke, which is ripping out backs of hexadaisy, getting it on the design wall, and finally this morning, sewing the blocks together as a center of a quilt top.  And I finished my embroidery block for guild, and I had a “blowout envy rage thing (very unflattering of me)” over missing blocks from my own guild blocks box. To help the blowoutrageenvything I ironed two whole stacks of fabric I received from a fellow quilter.

And since the most positive of the things mentioned in my own sewing is the center of the hexadaisy, here it is:

hexadaisy finished center

Talk to you all as soon as I can!


  1. Woohoo! Can’t wait!
    Your Hexadaisy looks FABULOUS! SO. VERY. COOL!

  2. I love the fabrics you chose for your hexidaisy. So fun!!!! Glad you found a bit of time to spend with fabric. Enough of the forms and calculator!

  3. love it!!

  4. Your Hexadaisy has me itching to return to polygon (non-square) blocks. (Even though I’m in the middle of designing the borders for the circles quilt, Big Wheels.) I really love it.

  5. Love how your quilt top is coming together.

  6. Since you are the scientific quilter, I thought you’d be interested to see a free paper pieced block of an atom from fandom in stitches
    . https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B11uxSfkxUMZOHpreGJTOE5laTA/edit?usp=sharing

  7. I love your hexadaisy. The colors are striking. Looks fabulous.

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