30.7 SQ Ep – Until We Meet Again

June 30, 2013

Podcast Feed

This has been a longer time coming than I thought, but I am hanging up the microphone.

If you want to hear some of my thoughts about the last few years, and some of the reasons as you can decipher it, feel free to go listen to the show.

Currently, I am keeping the blog, the email, the name Scientific Quilter.

But I have found some form of peace in my decision to walk away from the podcast.

I respect the people who listen enough to say good bye and not string people along with a ‘maybe she’s not actually gone’ podfading feeling.

I understand to the blog followers that don’t listen may not know what a large part of my life this has been in the last 3 and a half years, for you, I don’t see a ton of change, except for maybe the loss of the Ep in the blog titles.  Although, I may go back and reorganize the blog or I might leave everything as it is now.

I’ll blog when I have things to blog about. Quilting related. Obviously. 🙂

Take care everyone,

Goodbye to the Scientific Quilter podcast. It’s been real fun.

– Darla


  1. I’ll miss hearing your podcast, but am happy to hear that you’re at peace with your decision. It HAS been real fun for your listeners, too. Thank you for all you have done. We appreciate it.

  2. Sad to see the last episode but I totally understand. Whenever I’ve had the passing thought to start a podcast, the amount of preparation, organization, and general staying on top of things makes me want to go lie down. Glad you will still be on the blog, and hopefully the Twittersphere as well.

  3. I will miss your podcast, Darla. No time to listen to this yet . I’m glad I’ll still see you on FB and blog posts from time to time.

    Sent from my iPad

  4. I am going to miss your podcast, Darla, but I do appreciate that it has been a huge amount of work. I’m glad you will continue with your blog, so we won’t lose you entirely.

  5. Darla, as a fellow “scientist and quilter” I have enjoyed your podcasts but also appreciate the amount of time and effort they require. I have not met a fellow lab worker that was not a perfectionist at heart and that behavior follows us into our day-to-day lives and hobbies as well. Thanks for sharing your aspect of the hobby with me and I look forward to reading your blog posts.

  6. Thanks, Darla, for the podcast. Sure do understand – not enough hours in the day. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  7. Your podcast will be missed! Glad you will still be blogging and tweeting with us though. Hope you find lots of time to quilt.

  8. Darla, I will miss your podcast, but I do understand how much work it takes to do this. Like Quiltin Jenny, I have often considered podcasting, but I have Jenny’s same reasons for not starting one. But I will miss your voice.
    I do hope you will start selling some of your original patterns though!
    (Yes, I’m nagging.)

    • Maybe someday Gretchen. I need to start writing up things to my original patterns to be able to see if things make sense to anyone following them.

    • And yes, I will remember you offered your “pattern tester services” if I ever do get it together and write them. 🙂

  9. Take care, Darla.

  10. Sorry to hear about you leaving podcasting, but since you sound so at peace with your decision, it must be the right one. I have enough trouble keeping up with a weekly blog, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to keep up a periodic podcast. Good luck!

  11. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts, so I’m sorry to see you go as well, but I’m glad you will be around in other places on the internet… Hope this gives you more quilting time!

  12. I’ve enjoyed your podcasts, but understand your need to stop. I’m glad that decision has put your mind at peace. Thank you for the information and entertainment.

  13. I know how much work it can be, and I understand walking away. But I will surely miss hearing you! I hope we can still keep up with what you’re doing in your quilty life and otherwise.

  14. I know it’s a lot of work and I understand your decision to step away from podcasting. But, I will surely miss hearing your thoughts on things! I hope we can still keep up with what you’re doing in your quilty life and otherwise.

  15. You and your sweet soothing voice will be missed!! Totally understood, though. I hope we’ll still cross paths, electronic or otherwise. Enjoy your quilting!

  16. I will miss hearing from you through your podcasts. You have put in many hours over the past several years to bring listeners informaton about what you are doing and also about quilting in general. You are like a long distance friend to me and I know to many others that have listened to your podcasts.

    I will need to go download this new podcast so I can hear what you have to share with all of us quiters.

    Many thanks for all the great podcasts that you put together.

  17. […] A blog and podcast focusing on left brain topics about quilting. « 30.7 SQ Ep – Until We Meet Again […]

  18. I will miss hearing from you. As a fellow introvert, I admire those who are brave enough to podcast. It would be a major stress on me, so I understand why you feel you need to stop. I’ll keep stopping by your blog, and I hope you will keep posting.

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