32.2 Fitting in teeny bits of time

September 15, 2013

Two weeks ago during the holiday weekend, I was honored to actually get to sew with everyone.

Well it was warm and I sat and watched movies, and you tube videos of my first favorite detective (Hercule Poroit).

Did you know that when you watch Spinal Tap with the options, you can hear the “bands” comments about the film – in character for the entire length of the movie? It’s a mocumentary/mocommentary fun ball and adds a whole other level to the film.

And did you know that after watching the musical Chicago the songs get stuck in your head for almost 2 weeks straight? “He had it comin …”

And the combination is just a weird strange mess of wonderful?


During the labor / movie day I actually didn’t sew anything, I was ironing some recently acquired fabric, and then starting to get my scrap pile under control.

I have a plan to do a pin cushion but the plan is too complicated for now … needs to wait until I figure it out.

But that was perfect to be able to watch movies, cut, iron & size.

Then the following ultra – hot weekend summer came back & tried to kick us all in the behind, causing the AC to act up, and the temp inside my sewing room to creep to 90 degrees.


But I did get a layout of a black and white quilt settled that I have been making blocks for slowly over the last 3 years.

black white hot air layout

I’ve had an asymmetrical idea of this quilt for quite a while,

I always knew I wanted to do something different in an imaginary border between a middle and an outside section of these little (somewhat) swapped 4.5 inch square in a square blocks. From the time I entered hobby lobby the day several years ago and found the funny white & black braid, I had a vision of doing black & white with purple & teal colors in the border.

Later I decided to do a hot air balloon about 2.5 years ago. and at a retreat 2 years ago, I planned on the background being ‘less intense piecing’ behind the hot air balloon, and came up with this idea.


So I am working toward sewing this together, although the final layout has another row of small blocks on the bottom and left side

I don’t know the quilt’s intentions yet.

It’s quite large for a wallhanging, but it’s going to be too delicate and/or small to fit on my bed.


And I can only do the black white for a while.  But I transferred all the pieces to the design wall in order to get them ready to sew together.

black white border plan

And today a large portion of blocks on the left had to be replaced & sewn together.

Currently have the middle off center piece done.

middle section sewn hot air quilt

And am slowly working my ways through the rows.


But now that it’s not screeching hot outside – finally & thankfully – it’s not uncomfortably hot inside anymore, but now I am just tired all the time due to all the work they want us to do.

At work, we consolidated & absorbed a large portion of work from another lab we purchased, and just now am getting people in to help replace some people we lost (not related to the work we got or the lab we purchased).

And they want us to all work overtime (a lot), and everyone in every department seems bedraggled & rugged & worn out, but the work is still here, and there is still a lot to deal with. I could go more in detail but it’s best not to do so.


And I am trying to plan to go to the Des Moines show in early October. Anyone want to stop say hi? Anyone have a specific date to meet?  The dates I have off are the 2nd through the 5th of October, but trying to decide which half of that is travel, and which half is staying home & resting.

Currently open, and currently my aunt has said she’s open to dates as well.

I hope it’s not another month until I update, but I don’t know how it will be with all my free time used elsewhere. And when I get home after a long day, I really want to veg out a lot.  Talk to you all later.

paper piecing backgrounds for name tags


  1. Wow, Darla, I really like your black and white quilt. Good idea to keep the background behind the balloon simpler. I’m glad you got a chance to enjoy LDSI, because it sounds like you’ve been working extremely hard. Take care!

  2. Love the quilt.

    I am going to AQS on that Wednesday. We are camping 2 hours south and plan to drive up that day. May stay overnight and do Thursday as well but that is real iffy. Would love to meet up.

  3. Love the hot air balloon quilt! Laughing about Chicago songsMy older girls have been in musical reviews of Chicago twice and we still sing “he had it coming” around here all the time!!

  4. Ninety degrees in the sewing room! How depressing is that? You know those rice filled neck/shoulder thingies that you put in the microwave? You can also put them in the freezer. Great for those hot days. Love the black and white with the balloon and what a great idea for the fake border.

    Nice to hear from you! Tam In Denver

  5. You have me laughing over the “He had it coming” song. I have listened to that movie more times than I have watched it. It just has beautiful, catchy songs that do get stuck in the head. I should put that movie on today while I make some quilt blocks.

    I love you ideas and how you are making your black and white quilt. You will have to enter it in a quilt show. You do such lovely work.

    I look forward to you comments on the quilt show.

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