32.6 We Were Soldiers Special Quilt

October 29, 2013

While in Des Moines, we happened to go to a quilt shop called Creekside Quilting.

In the back room, hanging on the wall was an amazing quilt. I think I say they are all amazing, but this one really moved me.

The quilt was a raffle quilt. One that you pay 1 dollar for a chance to buy, 5 dollars for 6 chances.

This quilt was made BY a vetran, and two other ladies who had connections with vetrans (son/wife I think).

We got to hear about the specialness of the quilt from the quilt’s creator: Valerie Funk.

we were soldiers postcard quilt

You can read all this info on the back of the postcard in a bit, but here are some very cool facts about this quilt.

The four corners of this quilt feature names from all the wars American has fought.  Each corner has a different coat of arms.

The browns & earth tones represent all the ground solders have walked through.

Some of the blocks are camouflage from soldier’s uniforms.

The faceless soldier kneels down to hold the dog tags of a fallen friend represents the emotional scars that follow the surviving soldiers home.

There is a bit of media surrounding this quilt, and the quilt will be auctioned off Veterans’ Day 2013, November 11th.

A website has a video which is not posting as an embedded video here.

There is more information about the quilt from the Des Moines news who.tv

And the direct link to the video is below.


The quilt also has a facebook group page.

we weres soldiers postcard info

The email of the quilt creator is the following as what it reads on the postcard:  quiltsbyval@yahoo.com  I am sure she would love to hear how much you are inspired by this quilt.  You may even be able to join in the raffle, but to do that you would need to talk to the quilt’s creator, not to me.

This quilt moved me & made me almost cry learning about it.  It definitely honors our veterans.



  1. That’s a very special quilt. Thank you for sharing it and all the information that goes along with it.

  2. I am without words. What a beautiful story. I bet the quilt is even more beautiful in person.

  3. Beautiful and meaningful. Thanks, Darla.

  4. Here I am nearly 3 years after making this quilt and searching online for inspiration for my next military tribute quilt and I ran across this article. I am moved that so many have found inspiration in what was one of the first quilts I ever created.
    Thank you for your kind words. And it was pleasure to have met you.
    Quilt Artist
    Valerie Funk
    Aug 2016

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