33.1 Hexadaisy Rings quilt top finished

November 27, 2013

I have yet to find a good name for this quilt.

The quilt is based from a Craftsy pattern called Hexadaisy.  I first made the original in rainbow colors, and had the quilt auctioned off for charity.

I discussed a few times the hexadaisy pattern, but mostly here.

But then I wanted to make one for me, a larger quilt.

I have finally finished the top of this hexadaisy hex ring.

hexadaisy ring

The middle part that I made for the auction in July was a little bit smaller than this, the original size of the pattern.

quilt show auction quilt hexadaisy rainbow

The post where I was very frustrated at the FMQ of my old vintage machine is here if you want to relive my stress over the auction quilt.

But my mind couldn’t just leave it alone after seeing the ease of these two pieces for the pattern.

Originally I tried to push myself to get both quilts done before the July quilt show, but then I took a quilting siesta of 2 months straight, which I probably needed, and then just focused on the deadline stuff first.

But I never forgot the other pieces I had planned.

I had to get grayscale for my grays to make sure they were gradating correctly.

greyscale greys to decide color gradation

And then I modified the piece slightly and created diamonds using 95 % of the original pattern to make this.

grey triangles

Light in the middle, darker toward the outside.

And then settled on the inside grey for the outer rings.

swirly grey centers

And I came to the last retreat with the whole thing done and some of it pieced together.

layout for larger hexadaisy squared

I was going to call it hexadaisy squared, then hexadaisy cubed, then hexadaisy hexed, then hexadaisy hex ring (which sounds just slightly off of something naughty), now I am thinking Hexadaisy Rings.

Ideas? Offshoots of this name?

I am not going to square up the sides at all, but I am considering putting in some built in supports into the finished quilt (which is way far from being quilted as of right now). A lady came to our guild over a year ago and showed how she was able to make her quilts hang sideways and length ways and hang straight using wooden supports sewn into the other sections of the quilt. I want to try that too.

I want to make sleeves on all 6 sides so I can rotate the quilt when I hang it up depending on which way I want it that day.  When we took our group picture from the retreat, I occasionally rotated my quilt so some people got orange on top, some people got purple on top. Way cool.


I also have the binding picked out & even pre-made, but I can’t find it currently so no picture of it yet.


  1. Wow! That is beautiful. I want to make this quilt as a wall hanging. I ordered the pattern as a PDF. I haven’t started it yet as I have too many works in progress to finish but just knowing I have the pattern makes me happy for now. I like what you did to the outer edges. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    • The original pattern makes a very nice wall-hanging. I was considering altering the colors to a two color pattern for charity, but by then I had already started the rainbow one. I enlarged the pattern to make a slightly bigger wallhanging, but as it is, the pattern is very easy to use. Good luck with yours!

  2. Looks great, Darla!

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