33.3 All podcast links on the site do not work

December 3, 2013

Some of you may have noticed on the sidebar by now or maybe a problem in the defunct podcast feed that something hasn’t been quite right. For over a month.

I have not had the time nor energy to consider renewing my podcast so I decided to not auto-renew on the current account (that all the links go back to from the site).

The whole podcast account was cancelled a month earlier than expected.  Just letting you know. I wasn’t sure how they were going to treat it once cancelled, but apparently that means having no access to anything on my part. Without warning the feed was gone & I wasn’t able to get in on my side or just go to a free version or whatever that would be.

I haven’t had the time to process all the old blog posts or update anything on the sidebar of the site.  So now there are likely empty links hanging around either on various posts or in other areas.

If I ever regain the courage/time/energy to podcast again, it would be starting from scratch from somewhere else (new hosting probably). But now I am just a free floating once a month/twice a month blogger who occasionally pops in on twitter / facebook & says Hi!

Who does miss all-ya-all! :0

Yes I realize there are broken links everywhere, and one day I will stop quilting so much and start working on all the links.  And sidebars and stuff. But not today.

Quilts to finish & design & start & handwork & so on & so on!

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