34.0 Dragons!

January 26, 2014

After I posted about project limbo, the next day my internet went out for several hours and that forced me to stay focused on something quilting.

I had found some random 4 patch blocks I had made long ago and at the time I really didn’t think the colors worked.

Well maybe I was right …

Even so, I looked through my stash, found a good sashing & cornerstone to tie the thing together, and I kept thinking about royalty.  The reds, the golds, the purples.


And this lead me down to the path of Mid-evil times, tales of strange knights and dragons, which prompted me to remember a dragon applique pattern I saw on Craftsy.

I purchased the pattern, and started to work on it.

I blew up the pattern twice to fit the size of a piece of paper, then I recopied it with my own pen, and then blew it up over 200% with each piece to spread this dragon out over the size of my quilt above.

drawingsofdragons at an angle

So I have been looking through my stash, trying to find a black – something different than the colors I have here.

And instead of going with pure black, I decided to cut out & make the pattern with a black / grey with bright gold stripes on it.

Which has a lot of the same colors in it & same feeling, but it doesn’t stand out enough. Not enough gold.

dragons dont stand out

So now I have to figure out how to reconcile this dragon against a bright gold/yellow fabric which will provide the contrast needed to make this quilt work.

dragon black on gold

Isn’t it cool when you can see the dragon?

I like the idea of just outlining this dragon with the gold as one idea.

Problem is the center of the dragon’s belly will cover up the quilt that I put together. I may wipe out the center cornerstone all together by backing with the gold – not enough ‘see through’.

I have a few ideas. I do have a more plain border, I can really offset the dragon to the right or left and then place him on the quilt.

Or I can border the dragon and place him as a piece below or to the side of the current quilt. But then it will be unbalanced.

I can see if I can find a knight applique to ‘match’ this dragon maybe?

I have to think about this. So goes for a quick quilt from scrap UFO pieces.


  1. The dragon is striking against the gold. Great choice.

  2. Love the colours in your quilt and the dragon is amazing xx

  3. I love that dragon, and I love it against the gold. Looking forward to seeing where you end up going with this!

  4. That dragon is way cool. I went straight to crafts and bought one. I can use that finger rotary cutter that Sandy recommended to cut it out. What did you cut it out with? Tami In Denver

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