34.4 Great start to the March-A-Long

March 2, 2014

Thanks everyone for participating in this year’s March-A-Long! Or thinking about it at least.

March A Long 2014

March-A-Long we attempt to craft for at least 15 minutes a day for the entire month of March.

No rules, no drill sergeants, no stopwatches! Just do something quilty for the month of March.

For some people, crafting can be intimidating if we don’t have a “large chunk of time”.

But this March, can you start thinking of the little things that can help move your projects forward, little bits at a time.

OR sew a LOT of time if you’re lucky enough to be able to do it!

The previous post has some links in the comments to others who are participating in the March – A – Long, and a video about some ideas I had to help you get started thinking in terms of a little bit of crafting.

So far, there’s only been 2 days of March, but as it’s the weekend, I have seen a LOT of quilters & #twilters work towards sewing in March!

It’s exciting to be in such a quilting & sewing frenzy!

My 2 day progress has been to cut up scraps and to iron/wash some new to me fabric.

march cutting scraps 1

It’ll get more challenging the upcoming week with work schedules, but I am committed to attempt to sew 15 minutes right along with the rest of ya’all.

I also have a quilt ready to Free Motion Quilt (FMQ) on my Domestic Sewing Machine (DSM). I am probably headed toward basting another small project first however.

Feel free to share your weekend now, or share more next weekend after sewing (or designing or whatever) next week!


  1. My weekend was rather boring. Just made a list and wrote a blog post. I will link up next weekend. 🙂

  2. I’m not tech savvy enough to link in but I will be sewing every day this month. I enjoy your posts

  3. 15 minutes a day to maintain sanity…..I’m in!

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