34.5 March A Long 2014 – Week 1 Report in

March 9, 2014

March A Long 2014

It’s after the first full week of March, and I wanted everyone to have a chance to check in for their March-A-Long progress.

March-A-Long (#marchalong on twitter) is a commitment & encouragement to sew or make some progress towards a quilting goal for 15 minutes a day during the month of march.

Great job to everyone sew far in getting their quilting goals to build discipline during the entire month of March. It’s all for fun and/or progress and/or skill building!

Love to hear what you’re all up to. What am I up to??

First I sat and watched a Korean drama and cut scraps for a large majority of the week. Every day I was able to get out & do at least that much.

I have switched projects mid-week to make my main focus my leaders & enders quilt seen below in blue & white.

mandys blue and white sunshine quilt

I found out that a grade school friend has breast cancer, and I wanted to make something large enough to comfort her & her family during this time.

My original thought was to gift my yellow butterfly sunshine quilt to her, but I decided against that in favor of the more snuggable blue & white quilt.

So now I have a purpose for my old leader & ender quilt and someday I need to make a new one (leader & ender quilt) with white thread.

Actually I already have a leader & ender quilt ready, but it is sewn with black as the neutral, so I like to only sew that quilt alternating with black thread projects.

I recap with my sergeant & my marching ants in the video below. For those of you who like the voice & the ants. Not a lot there that isn’t already shown here, but you get the idea, personal contact is fun, albeit very scary to record.

March-A-Long Post #1 & #2 for 2014

Sign up on the inlinkz for this week.


  1. Hi, I don’t know how to do link in but I have 3 different projects that I am working on and have spent a couple of hours each day working on my projects. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Yea to you! Sounds like you’ve been quite productive. I’ve definitely done 15 minutes each day, more some days. It hasn’t all been on the things I THOUGHT I was going to work on but it was quilty. And, just today, while on a run, I came up with an idea for a quilt that has stumped me for several weeks. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend! I think that she will love the blue quilt. It looks great so far!

  4. I normally don’t do anything on workdays but work, drive, eat and sleep. Today I snuck in 15 minutes on the longarm! Not only did I get a few passes sewn but I think it may help my mood at work. (I suffer MAJOR sewing withdrawl during my 12 hour shifts) Thanks for the incentive Darla, you’re a peach 😀

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