34.6 March A Long 2014 – Week 2 Report in

March 16, 2014

March A Long 2014

It’s after the second full week of March, and I wanted everyone to have a chance to check in for their March-A-Long progress.

March-A-Long (#marchalong on twitter) is a commitment & encouragement to sew or make some progress towards a quilting goal for 15 minutes a day during the month of March.

Great job to everyone sew far in getting their quilting goals to build discipline during the entire month of March. It’s all for fun and/or progress and/or skill building!

Love to hear what you’re all up to. What am I up to??

I missed the first Monday of the week as I got in 14,000 steps by going on two very long walks during that day since the weather was so nice.

Then on Tuesday, I cut scraps, but also Angela Walters visited my guild for a talk since she’s pretty local.

Boy is she funny! Her quilting is amazing. Loved to hear about her husband’s grandpa and how she thought she was the best quilter ever and her adventures in getting the long arm.

Here is one of her quilts! She said we could take pictures. But only heavily photoshop ones of her (joking, but funny).


Her daughter was there helping to hold the quilts. Our guild got a reminder about how heavy the quilts were and to rotate out help for holding quilts and here is this little 8 year old just helping out as many times as she could! How sweet! And Angela herself held several of them as well.

The main majority of the week I was finding any excuse to get back to Hulu to catch up with the soap opera to cut scraps. I have lots of little baby pieces and started a string bag.

cutting dow n scraps

I am still working on my leaders & enders quilt seen below in blue & white.

mandys blue and white sunshine quilt

I have been showing all the pretty colors on my ‘Crazy Daisies’. Flowers for National Quilting Day held yesterday (third Saturday of March).

crazy daisies

I recap with my sergeant & my marching ants in the video below.

For those of you who like the voice & the ants.

I share pictures of my scraps, the technique I use for the 1/2 square triangles for this quilt, and a lighting solution from a fishing store.

March-A-Long Post #1 & #2  & #3 for 2014

Sign up on the inlinkz for this week. Or leave a comment below.


  1. I think it is great that you are doing the video’s. Love getting a peek into your sewing room as well. 🙂

    • Good to see the effort isn’t wasted. Not quite as scary the 3rd time as the first, but still a little nervewracking. Have been wanting to do some kind of video for a while now, good thing others do talking head videos sometimes too. Without a podcast in my past, videos would seem impossible.

  2. I’ve been piecing and appliqueing every day this week. Wow! That quilt by Angela Walters is stunning. Did you get a full on shot of it?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Actually, no I did not. I don’t know why I have a self imposed policy not to take pictures of quilts during the talks themselves, and I rarely get pictures of the guest’s things in any event, and only did after the talk was over because she said at the beginning she didn’t mind pictures. I do like Angela’s work! She doesn’t like piecing backs. At all.

  3. Happy Birthday! That is a really cool quilt of Angela’s. Thanks for sharing the picture! The light looks handy. Wish my machine was not cased in plastic.

  4. I absolutely love the videos that you have put together for the March-A-Long. The marching ant music is just so fun. Your video is like an invitation into your quilting room. Your butterfly quilt behind you is so attractive.

    I have been trying out some thread painting on a lap quilt that I am busy quilting. I have not gotten to far into the project, however, so far I like it. I am also working on an Urban Pods quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful. This quilt is a curved piecing project. My other project that I am working on is a BOM designed by Amy Gibson. So as you can see, I always have some project to work on.

    Do you have a Fitbit to track your steps? I have a Fitbit Zip and this past Sunday was so nice that I was able to put together a 5 mile route to walk in my area. Over at http://www.mapmywalk.com I am able to put together routes and record my steps on the Fitbit web site.

    Look forward to seeing you next week.

    • I am doing Map my Fitness & Runkeeper. There is a program at work that will record points for workouts if I do 200 calories at a time. I am trying to earn points towards a fitbit, getting closer, but still have a while to go. I record my steps with a pedometer by day for Android – an app called Accupedo.

      So nice to hear from you Janet!

  5. Great video! I saw that fishing light at my local UPS store for $10 yesterday. I should have picked one up!

    • So far I like it. Only tried it a week or so, but good for extra light & stays out of my way.

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