34.7 March A Long 2014 – Week 3 Report in

March 23, 2014

March A Long 2014

It’s after the third full week of March, and I wanted everyone to have a chance to check in for their March-A-Long progress.

March-A-Long (#marchalong on twitter) is a commitment & encouragement to sew or make some progress towards a quilting goal for 15 minutes a day during the month of March.

Great job to everyone sew far in getting their quilting goals to build discipline during the entire month of March. It’s all for fun and/or progress and/or skill building!

Love to hear what you’re all up to. What am I up to??

Monday/Tuesday, I decided borders for this quilt, and then I got the top all sewn together Wednesday!

blue sunshine quilt top complete in sunshine

And then I decided to make a little “internal sunshine” (Kati’s input on the name) on the back.

blue sunshine quilt back pieced

The quilt is basted and ready to be ‘ditch quilted’ (almost said ditched).

I called this: Mandy’s Blue Sunshine on Threadbias.

I also went vintage hat shopping. And some of you saw my hats on twitter.

several hats

Just for fun, I blinged up one of the kinda boring hats.

hat bling

I recap with my sergeant & my marching ants in the video below.

For those of you who like the voice & the ants.

In the video, I share my scrap management system with you all, with many baggies & cubbies.

March-A-Long Post #1 & #2  & #3 & #4 for 2014

Sign up on the inlinkz for this week. Or leave a comment below.


  1. Fun hats! I love how the quilt is turning out! She will love it.

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  4. I am going to miss the marching ants, the music is so happy.
    I like what you do with the hats. Do you have a hat for each day of the week?
    I like the front and the back of your of the quilt that you are making.
    Did you make the house quilt that is behind you in the video? I would like to make a house quilt one day so naturally my eye was drawn to it.
    I have not been on Twitter yet since for a long time I did not have a phone to support it, however, I just recently upgraded. I should perhaps look into the twilter twitter.

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