36.7 It’s March, Is There a 2015 March-A-Long?

March 1, 2015

March-A-Long Swirl 15 minutes


In March, I have traditionally “hosted” a March-A-Long”. It’s my way of encouraging people to sew/quilt for 15 minutes a day during the month of March.

I picked March because International Quilting Day falls in March, and it happens to be my birthday month. And because we’re just starting to fall off of New Year’s resolutions by this time of year. And because we need something to motivate us to keep it together before spring hits.

This year, I don’t know where my marching ant file is, I have no space to set up a quick video like last year. I am not even certain I can post once a week, given my recent track record. I am not even sure I actually gave away anything last year for participation. And I really think maybe I needed a break from all the “hard quilting” (aka pushing myself pretty hard to get deadlines done) that I have done since the fall.

So I’ve been thinking I will scrap March-A-Long, and just move on.


There is a quiet power to lots of little steps. I have learned many times that lots of little steps towards a goal gets you right up to that goal, even if it takes a while.

I may not cheerlead, nor podcast, nor video, nor inlinkz, nor even post, BUT, I may just do my own little 15 minutes toward quilting every day for the month anyway.

I may or may not check back every week, or even the end of the month, but I think I will “March-A-Long you little quilters. Drop & give me 20 … stitches.”

Feel free to join in the quiet power of doing lots of small steps to gain traction for a big goal!



  1. 🙂 Sometimes 15 minutes is all we can do, but even that feels good.

  2. I’ll be silently marching along with you, Darla!

  3. Yay! I was going to ask if we were still doing this!

  4. 15 minutes… Thank you, Darla. You’ve just given me a reason not to give up.

  5. I’m in for a silent March-A-Long, though I can hear that music in my head! Maybe I’ll get out my kazoo and play it each time I sew. Thanks for the post, Darla. Like Gretchen, I’d also been wondering.

  6. I was just thinking about March a Long! I’m in!

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