37.7 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival is Almost Here!

June 15, 2015

An event our guild has known about and helped to plan for the last 2 years is coming up this weekend.

Our small guild of 40-50 strong has done great work in the last two years in preparing for the event, several of our meetings were dedicated to organizing, deciding quilts to go in the show, realizing and planning our roles in the show, what to expect at the show.

Ours is not the only guild, we are one of I think 15 guilds putting on the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival.

I have one quilt in the judged portion show, if you haven’t heard, it’s my Royal Red King’s Puzzle quilt:

Royal Red styled on porch swing

I turned it in on Saturday. It’s really pretty and I like how it turned out in the end. This picture is from when I was at Sew Excited Quilts – Jackie’s place and we were working on my binding there.

I turned in two more quilts to stand with my guild’s quilts. This was a last minute addition to the show due to more guild allotted space.

I thought I had blogged about this, but it turns out I was just saturating my other social media with this quilt & the upcoming quilt show.

Anyway, I had put together a google map for people traveling in the KC area that has a few restaurants and a couple other places of interest.

A few Kansas City Quilt shops & restaurants for the Regional Show

I have been in contact by email with the people I know of that are coming out of town, if you have been missed and would like to meet up please email ASAP at scientificquilter@gmail.com I should be able to find time available on a personal level.

The “big twilter” meetup was going to be Saturday morning, but Jackie has noticed Friday evening is a dinner meetup opportunity, which is yet to be determined. Getting discussions about specifics on the Friday if that works better for people started. The people I knew were coming I have been talking to already.

The group is sorta small and already lost about half the original members due to circumstances, but we are a lot of us introverts and that may eventually end up working to our advantage. I may introduce people from my guild as I see them at the show as well, but there is also ducking into and out of classes for many.

Anyway I am very excited, we are within a week. The last few weeks I have been doing bindings, sleeves, and labels. All hand sewing.

If you’re at the show, I will probably see you there! Be still my heart!  So Excited for Friday!

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival


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  1. Can’t wait! 4 more days!

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