40.6 Gearing up for March-A-Long 2017

February 26, 2017

It’s that time again – time to consider March – A – Long for the year 2017.


For the past several years I have “hosted” March – A – Long for the month of March.

This is an encouragement to sew/quilt/design/dream/read/shop …. about quilting for 15 minutes a day for the month of March!

Last year I made myself for the month of March focus specifically on Free Motion Quilting. I would like to replicate that this year if I can.

Feel free to join a long, which is why I call it an “-A-Long”, so we can all work together on furthering our quilting goals.

I always offer a chance for others to participate. Either here as a comment, or on the Scientific Quilter page on FaceBook. I can also be found on Twitter or Instagram. I haven’t been super active anywhere but the Twilters! group on FB, but I promise to check in these other places for the month of March during the March A Long.

You can either find me as scientificquilt (twitter), or scientificquilter (instagram). I make a pledge to post weekly during March A Long. Most years I am pretty close to “on the nose” on this.

I may do short audio like last year. That was sorta fun. At the current moment, I can’t remember where my audio ants are stored, but we might see if we can find it sometime before the end of the month. Maybe sooner than that, even.

I know for at least for a while, if I don’t have anything else to do, I can always remove the paper from this quilt.


I think there are 99 blocks here, with several seams in each. I used regular paper too, which while I was sewing them together, wasn’t a bad idea. It’s cheaper, easier to access than the “made for paper piecing” paper that I have purchased in the past. But, the ripping out stage isn’t really quite as much fun.

Actually, neither was the “sewing all the lines together” part.


My goals are three fold this month:

  1. Finish up this quilt top to see if I need borders. I wish I had more of the blue background to float some borders, I have just the idea for those. But, alas I do not, so this quilt may go with or without borders.
  2. Get as many small quilts free motion quilted as possible. I still have a small stack of quilts, some of which are basted and ready to go.
  3. Create adequate backing for other quilts I have been working on that have tops but not bottoms.

Anyway, I always enjoy hearing about others’ March-A-Long progress. State goals and successes here or other places you can find me!

Ready, Set, Quilt …. March along you little quilters! Drop & give me 20 …. stitches!



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  2. I have two SATURDAY SEW INs this month so my goal is to cut fabric for my quilt and get my projects ready.

    1. SKYWARD 9 PATCH …. all cut out ready to sew … been working on this for awhile.

    2. Half Sq Triangle Quilt …. gifted two quilts and plan to add fabric from my stash to make more HsqTri-s.

    3. Angela Walter MIDNIGHT QUILT SHOW … VARIANT STAR #1 video ….. I am timing myself on this quilt since Angela said it could be made in one night…. NOT … I am so much slower then her. So far I have spent 4 hours cutting fabrics and still have another 1-2 hours to go. Part of my problem is i sew during the day and sleep at night …. SO I HAVE TO COOK, answer the phone, talk to my hubby, and do other disruptive tasks.

  3. Are we reporting on Saturdays this year?

  4. […] it’s really only half a week, but here are my March-A-Long stats (completely […]

  5. I love your quilt (above) and agree that ripping out the paper is a PITA. I had to do it on my Spiderweb and could barely look at the thing once it was finished. Still, I gave it as a gift and the friends who received it love it. I like it better now that the pain of the ripping is gone. It is a good task for TV watching. Still, copy paper is a good deal less expensive and more readily available than paper piecing paper. Thanks again for doing the March-a-Long!

  6. […] you’re sewing every day this month for March-A-Long, and making lots of […]

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