40.7 End of First half week of March A Long 2017

March 5, 2017

Hey guys, I put together audio for the end of the first half week of March A Long 2017.

We are sewing/quilting/prepping/organizing/shopping …. sewing & quilting tasks for 15 minutes a day for the month of March.

Personally I have been ripping out papers off of this guy.


I am pretty haphazard with how the papers are being ripped. Some of today I was actually methodical in working on rows instead of just bouncing around everywhere.

Please feel free to report back in comment here, on any day. Next post will hopefully be up Monday afternoon or Tuesday early early morning the 14th due to previous engagements on this upcoming weekend.

I find it easier for me to wait until Sunday, but I know that’s not always convenient for all of you. Comment on this post or any other on March A Long, or link back to me. I will get links approved as fast as I am able, but I don’t always reply. But if I know you’ve posted somewhere, I will do a shout out in Audio Form.

Hope you enjoy!



  1. It is good to hear your voice again. I look forward to your March Along. Your quilt is looking great. .

    I am working on two quilts right now. I picked up sashing fabric for my Star Light, Star Bright quilt. I started this quilt a couple years ago when Melissa Cory at Happy Quilting held her quilt along and have decided that March is a good month to complete this quilt. The other quilt is an Abbey Road quilt designed by Debbie Maddy. I cut my pieces out yesterday. I am using two jelly rolls that I have had in my stash. I will need to pick up some Kona Ash Grey fabric to complete the quilt top.

    Thanks for hosting the March Along.

  2. […] month we are playing along with the March A Long 2017 hosted by the Scientific Quilter.  The goal is to sew/quilt/stitch/press/organize or anything in […]

  3. This is one of favorite times of my quilting year. Thank you for continuing it another year. I’m working on sewing a French Roses quilt and I’m sandwiching a patriotic four patch. It’s good to be busy.

  4. […] So far I’ve observed March-A-Long by doing something in my studio every day.  I made donation blocks, cut my scraps, packaged some blocks and quilts to mail, stared at my Storm at Sea top, and, yesterday and today, made some more heart blocks for HollyAnne.  March is one of those in-between months when progress can stall if we don’t make an effort.  My January was super productive, February not bad, but other things are starting to take my attention now, so we really need March-A-Long.  Darla has recorded some inspiration here. […]

  5. Thank you for urging us onward! Here’s my post today: https://eveninginthegarden.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/design-wall-monday-8/

  6. GOOD to hear your voice again…. not a lot of sewing … but I cut out three quilt to get ready for my SATURDAY SEW INS X 2 this month… so I guess that counts. Have been pulling out fabric from my stash to cut up. SEE YA IN TWILTERS.

  7. Didn’t get started on the March-A-Long until 3 March as I didn’t get back from Savannah until late afternoon 1 March and was fit to do nothing on 2 March. So far I have pieced 42 blocks into a quilt top and chosen the fabric for the sashing. (It’s a scrap charity quilt). I had hoped to cut the sashing today but I woke up with a dreadful cold and feeling pretty dreadful so I don’t think I’ll go near a rotary cutter today.

  8. Here are my results from the first 4 days: http://www.120blocks.com/march-a-long-week-one-2/

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