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33.7 2013 Quilts in Review

January 7, 2014

A little late, but better late than never.

Trying to organize & figure out what quilts are done when, started when. Trying to get things updated in some places & others.

Here are the finished projects for 2013. All done with these. This year.

2013 quilt finishes

1. Teal Cathedral binding left, 2. biscornu pincushion and removable thread catcher, 3. quilt show auction quilt, 4. irregular ice at the show, 5. little star with beads, 6. needle felted book, 7. star struck baby quilt, 8. strip twist completed, 9. scrappy jewel tone quilt

These are the quilt tops that I have completed in the year 2013 with or without borders

2013 quilt tops
1. black embroidery bordered, 2. kings puzzle top outside, 3. Hexadaisy ringed, 4. samurai sudoku quilt with borders, 5. gemini sky borders started6. Not available

And I am checking other finishes & celebrating other finishes on other years.

2012 finishes – the year of small quilt finishes with one big double quilt finish at the end

2012 quilt finishes


1. fibonacci feathers at the show, 2. fibonacci minimalist, 3. Black Baltimore Beauty at Show, 4. Dancing Ribbons at the Show, 5. exothermic wonders front shown at the show, 6. exothermic wonders back shown at the show, 7. dont panic final8. Not available9. Not available

2011 finishes – more small quilt finishes

2011 quilt finishes

1. mis top cover, 2. yellow quilt finished, 3. quilt completed, 4. quiltshowauctiontweetingthecrimsonsunrise, 5. completed sunflower patio quilt, 6. DSC07624, 7. aproncompleted8. Not available9. Not available

2010 finishes – the year of the bag & first full quilt finish

2010 quilt finishes

1. totebagswapoutside, 2. totebag 2 outside, 3. camera bag, 4. purse completed, 5. My finished nametag for guild, 6. ribbonsquiltonthewall


21.8 Two … two quilts on the wall … he he he …

January 7, 2012

So I have been blog silent. A little bit.

Twitter followers may be rejoicing now because my camera is finally home again (tired of my grumbling about it) – just in time for Tuesday’s quilt guild meeting.

Leaving my camera at my relatives meant no pictures during christmas, BDSI, or NYSI or the last week as I was making progress on my exothermic quilt.

Yesterday I spent time straightening up my living room & preparing the 3M hooks to hang on my wall for my quilts.

So now I have two quilts on the wall.

At this rate, I may brighten up my house by the time I am 55, I’ll have … uh lets not exactly say how many … let’s just say “more” quilts on the wall. Maybe then I’ll take down my first quilt. Maybe.

Anyway, you may notice a few things.

  1. I spray painted the dowels and 3M pieces black because I like that accent color better than white & wood colored.
  2. I still have my church up (see episode 6 for the christmas memories episode I think — haven’t listened in over a year) in honor of people who are no longer with me in this life.
  3. I have an applique quilt in a hand quilting hoop (haven’t touched it in over a year, still in the same hoop, may take out stitches & FMQ it instead??)
  4. I have a few other quilts in progress on quilt racks. I love quilt racks in my house although I don’t really have space for them. A way to pretty up an area and to hold quilts in progress or (eventually) finished quilts that are not up on the wall.
  5. I have no problems covering up my windows with quilts rather than shades. I don’t open up the windows anyway, much easier to be a vampire & leave the house dark.  Helps a lot with the weird sleeping when it’s light that I always do in the summer months.

I may try to put up pictures tomorrow of my exothermic quilt.

If you would like to see the progress made on my interesting camera phone and haven’t already, (yes I spammed the hashtag NYSI during new years and new years eve), then go over to my flickr set & see the references to panties & pope hats as I explored the curved seams.

One of the last pictures turned out so poor quality, it actually gives you a sense of value for the finished quilt.

There is a long way to get to this actual point, there are still sashing blocks and the side & corner blocks, which I’m working on now.

But here’s a goal. Maybe by the time winter is over??

I am so glad I switched to these trumpet blocks instead of doing the argyle ones. I liked the grey argyle blocks, and they would have looked very good as well, but each one would have taken way even more time to do with all the pieces.

Anyway, more later. Probably tomorrow. 🙂


20.6 SQ Episode 032 – Optical Illusions

November 6, 2011

Podcast Feed

Optical (visual) illusions come when your brain interprets something you see that you actually don’t see.

Optical Illusions come in many forms

Line (& Shape) Illusions

Lines appear bulged or squished depending on lines around it.

Op-Art Quilts book on Amazon

Op Art on Wikipedia

This looks like the op art quilts in the book but is not exactly:

Orchid Kaleidoscope

Image from flickr by andy02124 (creative commons)

The Cafe Wall Illusion

Image from Wikipedia

Herring Illusion

Image from wikipedia

Herring Illusion variation

There are squares set on point that have concentric circles that make the squares seem squished

The Bulging Checkerboard (see below)

Kaleidoscope quilt variations (this one does not show circles, but is Kaleidoscope quilt

kaleidoscope Quilt

Image from flickr by heidielliot(creative commons)

Storm at Sea

Storm At Sea

Image from flickr by The Last Cookie

Dimensional Illusions

Due to colors/ value lines, two dimensional objects appear in three dimensions

2D –> 3D

Vasarely Budapest Déli pályaudvar

Tumbling block and varations

Shadow box quilt

Movement Illusions

Due to highly dense & colored designs, the designs appear to move on you.

Revolving CirclesImage from Wikipedia

A dizzying optical illusion quilt that you won’t be disappointed to see, but watch, made me dizzy to look at.

Rotating Snake Illusion (very moving, if you’re epileptic, be aware before clicking)

Fraser Spiral

Image from wikipedia

Actually moving illusion that induces an interesting afterimage effect (don’t go if epileptic)

Illusion of Inclusion

Your brain completes the picture, it finishes things up that are not there.

Kansia Triangle

Image from wikipedia

Ambiguous Objects

Duck and Rabbit

Two Faces & Vase

Image from wikipedia

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

1997 Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Image from flickr by PeggyinMaine

Paradoxical Drawings

These objects are impossible … very impossible.

Penrose Triangle

Image from Wikipedia

MC Escher stairs

Penrose stairs

This hilarious video of these penrose stairs. Video is called Hallucii.  You’ll see why when you click.

Secondary Patterns

Patterns come up that are not expected – from very simple blocks

The Neutral Stars Block

The simple three strip block that doesn’t look like much on its own.

More about the Bulging Checkerboard

Jane’s wonderful optical illusion quilt has stuck in my mind over the last year, when I would see it on her blog, I remember thinking, wow, what a quilt.

She has graciously agreed to let me share pictures of it with you.

Jane has named her quilt False Impressions, the website of this effect is called bulging checkerboard.

The effect is simply amazing, but the execution of it looks like squares on larger squares.  The hardest part would appear to be keeping everything separate and in line.

Here is a detail shot.  It would be easy to do with big enough blocks, the effect is much greater when standing back.

Do you see why it’s a bulging checkerboard?

Jane has discussed this quilt in several different posts, and in the latest post has talked even more about optical illusions for quilt ideas.

Wow, this quilt, I would be really proud of Jane.

Jane calls herself a quilter geek, and this is a great example of this.

Other Optical Quilts

3D Tetris Quilt by Quilter Geek

My Tumbling Block Table Runner

My Opic by Ruthann from Mirkwood Designs (link from SeamedUp, tell me if it’s broken)

Who is known as the Optical Illusion Quilter?

Karen Combs (facebook page)

Optical Illusion Quilts on amazon

Optical Illusion quilts at the Online Quilt Museum

Further Links

Links to the Wikipedia site on Optical Illusions & Geometrical Optical Illusions.

Whole site of Illusions at Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions

I did not discuss color constancy, which is a whole other ball of wax that tricks your brain into thinking about the colors based on the other colors around it.

Additional music

Mevios Music Alley: Get Myself Together by The Tones


19.4 Scientific Quilter’s Flickr Favorites

September 9, 2011
Mosiac baby quilt CrabWild FlowerPraça do Colégio
Demi Stars BlackandWhiteEtcher, I Did It My WayArrowrootsSunflower Center as PatternBloomin' ColdPatterned Snow
orange and brown grid quilt patternBlossom DetailOrchidsQuilt block designsfoto852HE17.08.11 1
Weekly challenge 38 ParadoxVintage Viking Husqvarna 6570Orange Husqvarna Viking 6430 Sewing MachineViking Sewing Machine 6370Green Dragon pieced by hermione_jeanQuilt

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

I’ve been absent from about everything except for the occasional tweet this week.

Trying to work on a new quilt inspired by this coming week’s quilt guild meeting. Finishing up Journey Steps with more borders.

Finding pain when I pull my arm forward to sew, so retreating to computer (some) & TV this week. This week was supposed to be a craftcation, but I’m just trying to find some rest & relaxation after several weeks of crazy.

On flickr, this week, was concentrating on illusions, geometry & I even put a couple of quilts on my favorites. Imagine that. Look at all the inspiration in just a week, another flickr 100 favorites!

Also a couple of sewing machine pictures of a model/series of an older machine that I’ve been craving to own for several months have shown up too.  No $ to purchase now, but someday.


19.2 Flickr Favorites before Labor Day

September 2, 2011
rouge à lèvresFotovoltaicaMaple Leaf StructureSign of the Sun GodSix-Pointed StarGoing Green
Star FieldHeartDoyle Spiral+InversionDoyle FlushingDetalle en la pared de un balcón con losetas de ceramica vidriada.Point Blank
UntitledToothpicks IpatternMaking pasta
Crossing Torus / 交差する輪環Black PearlThe AmoebePinwheelSpinblue kaleidoscope

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

In just a week or two I found even more favorites. The favorites I have are very dynamic in color, and should provide GREAT inspiration. I was on a symmetry group, and a fractal group, and even went looking for some polymer clay buttons. Several computer generated images here, but not exclusively. Also nature pictures, quilts, buildings, textures. Yummy fun!

Totally not more talkative due to schedule & I kinda got sick this week as well. Will talk more later, maybe soon?


18.9 wow 392 flickr favorites

August 24, 2011
Yale School of Architecture: Kevin Rotheroe's "Material Formation"P1020366modified bento box quiltOregon BeachesCubi danzantiMini Quilt Swap for Pam (Uberstitch)
Starburstcity greenInterweaving....designtesselation2P1020382First origami tessellations post!!!
12.23.10PaperReEnforcersInterlaced Star TemplateCeltic DominoesCrystal BallStarWeaveColorized
8.9.11 Finished front"Color Play"Rasberry Dessert QuiltMark & Laura's Quilt 2009RK - Solids only challenge

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

A style emerges when looking at favorites. I really see lots of bold, clean colors, solids, geometric designs, even favorited some flowers, & tiles.

Feel free to look through and see the (mainly) quilters that I am inspired by. Go ahead and favorite some yourself.

Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature, flickr favorites (probably want to do that on friday for the alliteration to work right.

Leave a comment with a link to your own favorites too!


18.6 Testing Flickr Sets – Flower Walk

August 20, 2011
purple grape flowersDSC06001daffodillegsperfectdaffodil1perfectdaffodil2tulipside1
pinktreeflower3pinktreeflower4field of violetsfield of little purple flowers and swingfire pink and green
rocks and trees sceneorangeflowerwindmillpathredtulipsgrapeanddaffodilappletreepathpurpleflowersandposts

Flower Walk, a set on Flickr.

There should be nothing new here, but I wanted to test to see how sharing a flickr set worked. These flowers were between april 6 & may 3, so remember back to early spring.

Via Flickr:
Walkin around town


16.4 Tweeting and the Dawn

June 12, 2011

I am starting in my adventure on Twitter.  If you would like to follow me, I would appreciate it.

I am also about finished with my little quilt guild project for the quilt guild show auction.

Here is my design on EQ7.

And my completed center block that I paper pieced.

And then I put the square in a square blocks together.

And then I got ready to put the borders on!

And then I still cut them too short!

Corrected the borders, and now quilt top is complete.

And then I am working on the back, since my piece was too short, I decided to put the left over borders into the designs.

I did finish the back with more of the blue batik on the top and bottom of this.

Now to raid the kitchen to baste and quilt this piece!

I would like to name this quilt something about the morning twilight as that’s when I quilt the most.

Something about dawn, or crimson sunrise or something similar.  The block is called night and day.


15.7 SQ Episode 025 – Quilt Show Trifecta

May 28, 2011

Podcast Feed

I went to three quilt shows during the month of May:

The Kaw Valley Quilt Guild Show

Here is a slide show from the show.

And if you can’t see the embedded pictures, here is the link to my flickr slide show and set.

The Greater Kansas City Area Quilt Guild Show

Here is a slide show from the show.

And if you can’t see the embedded pictures, here is the link to my flickr slide show and set.

Machine Quilter’s Showcase

Here is a slide show from the show.

And if you can’t see the embedded pictures, here is the link to my flickr slide show and set.


13.1 New Online Toy!

March 1, 2011

Sharon B from PinTangle just posted today about this new online site that if you’re a quilter, and you’re afraid of color, this would be a good online toy.


The name of the site is Kuler, and when you first go to the site, you see some color pallets.

So you have the option of using other people’s color pallets, but the magic is under the create on the left side!

From the create menu, you can modify a color pallet from a base color.

And this looks all techie and stuff, but you change one thing, and it changes the whole color pallet very easily.

But my favorite is the create From an Image (just below from a color)

As you can see here, I have signed into the scientific quilter flickr website and I have zeroed in on my favorites quilt pictures from flickr.

And I can pick any one of these pictures to delve the color pallet from it!

Here I have a picture from Jackie_Quilts that I liked the colors, and I could easily pick a good color pallet from this quilt and translate it to another quilt!

You can drag to areas of the picture that you like, or you can click on different color combinations, such as light, dark, muted.

And you can save your color pallets if you register and sign in.


This site is fun to mess with, and is VERY easy.  These colors could be the inspiration for your next quilt!


This was all my excitement after 20 minutes with the site, and I am sure there is more and more… you could take a photo from flickr of a non quilt, and it could inspire your next quilt color pallet!