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35.1 Non-quilting art and scrapitude on MDSI weekend

May 26, 2014

I have been having a blast during this Memorial Day Sew In (#MDSI on twitter) weekend – aka Memorial Day weekend for quilting muggles.

It has been wonderful to have a balance of online and offline experiences this weekend, which just makes everything so much rounder & more in depth than one or the other – which usually happens.

I got a few things done around the house, but nothing major or specific to the holiday except for yesterday when I went crazy for a snake found in our yard – no sign of him today – thank goodness.

The long weekend time was well deserved off.

I spent time on Saturday getting ready to see my friend and then spontaneously we decided to go downtown to see some stuff!

The first thing was this strange 3D installation at the Art Center. There was this large wire structure and various arrows and numbers, but the colored blocks in this were all fabric. Solids, and I saw the selvage on a piece or two, but the fabric was wrapped around the wire. So 3D quilt type thing?? Not exactly.


And there was an interpretive set of pieces in the next room, one of which looked like feathers.



And there was a nice technique that I really liked in this watercolor/wax creation.



Which I wonder if it would translate to fabric dying? I like the pooling of darker colors at the bottom of the piece and the shiny way this works and reminds you of 3D pieces on a 2D space.

And then we went to this ceramics place where they make all the ceramics, and charge a fee for customers to come in and paint on the various types of ceramics and then you get to keep a personalized piece after they fire it!

So many choices at the ceramics shop! And examples to look at.


Some other pieces that were finished from other customers.

finihsed pieces

There are stamps in addition to stencils.


And I could take my own design (*cough* quilt block *cough*) and recreate it in pottery and always look at it for ever & ever. Now to decide on the design, I have a half off coupon which expires at the end of summer.

And I just love looking at the pieces, finished and not finished.


And after all this fun, we went back to my friend’s house and LynAnne finished a quilt top that just had a few more rows to sew together!


And I worked on applique pieces, sewing them down to the background. Currently (monday afternoon) I have 4 left to sew down out of 16. Not exceedingly exciting and I’ve shared it somewhere in the previous post.

Then Sunday was my 5K distance walk/run training / regular workout.

And more hand sewing & twitter.

Then this morning, we decided to go fishing and I at least caught one.


And this afternoon, I finally finished all the straight-line stitching on soft scrapitude and now have to fill in more on the FMQ.

scrapitude straight lines complete

I have yet to completely decide on the larger triangles, but I think I am doing vines in some of the ‘v-shapes’.  And I don’t do feathers often, but I do do pearls.

scrapitude pearls in boxes

I am trying to make myself find designs that are not just in the piecing. I like using the piecing for my ‘custom FMQ’, but branching out into the negative space is nice too. I have a lot of quilts that could benefit from some FMQ marathons.

And the other day, my friend opened up a small modern quilt fabric shop in the neighboring very small town, and I went to the dollar store afterwards and found this strange colored headband that reflects either pink or blue depending on the light. This is strange fabric and may have to find a place in one of my quilts one day.

Please excuse the strange top of head shot to follow.




20.1 A tiny bit of good in the world

September 30, 2011

I did a tiny bit of good in the world, and I got something nice too.

At work there was a craft table full of blankets, scarfs potholders, jewelery, and a portion of the proceeds of the sale go to Leukemia & Lymphoma support.

I didn’t make anything (didn’t know about it before hand really too much), but I did buy two items.

And since I decided I’m not a crocheter (anymore) that I will really like using these items this winter.

I now have a new hat & scarf combo, each bought separately.

I’ve never had a hat with so many holes before, so I am hoping I don’t decide to line it with some wild animal print soft fabric I bought at Hancock fabric.

Like this fabric

It is nice & soft and I haven’t known what to do with it.

But how does it look as a potential lining?

Hmm.  Maybe not.  Yes, my head is down looking at the floor.  One of the weirdest photos of myself, if I do say so.

In any event, lined or not, I feel good that I did a little bit of good today, if a little indirectly. 🙂


19.8 Flying around the earth

September 19, 2011

A long time ago in a college far far away, I wanted to work with NASA due to my love of space.

The planetarium job now long behind me, I don’t keep up on which planets are out when, and I do love looking up on a clear cloudless night.

I am comforted on my ride to work (every day in the dark, mind you) of the stars above me and the wonders of the universe, although I rarely get too deep into it anymore.

I am used to looking up, but what if I could look down?  From the ISS (international space station)?  I saw on Bad Astronomy today a link to this you tube video.

Those of you space-afiles like me, or just anyone who appreciates something beautiful, I am embedding the video onto my site today.


I love seeing all the lights from all the cities & towns!  And you can see the lightning from up above.



18.6 Testing Flickr Sets – Flower Walk

August 20, 2011
purple grape flowersDSC06001daffodillegsperfectdaffodil1perfectdaffodil2tulipside1
pinktreeflower3pinktreeflower4field of violetsfield of little purple flowers and swingfire pink and green
rocks and trees sceneorangeflowerwindmillpathredtulipsgrapeanddaffodilappletreepathpurpleflowersandposts

Flower Walk, a set on Flickr.

There should be nothing new here, but I wanted to test to see how sharing a flickr set worked. These flowers were between april 6 & may 3, so remember back to early spring.

Via Flickr:
Walkin around town


17.1 A/C troubles

July 10, 2011

I’d love to finish the podcast I started this morning, but the AC is out right now and this side of the house is really awful hot … just got a room ac for the other side of the house – and that also took up the time I was planning on sitting here.  Only over 100 today.  Tom busy, tues busy.  Sigh.


16.9 Motor Oil and Feet

July 5, 2011

Apparently early last week my quilt came into contact with some oily rags that were used in changing the oil in the truck.  The rags were moved as soon as I saw them, but apparently not soon enough.

I noticed this stain yesterday when I was using the floor as a design wall.  So after a few days, this stain is set in.  The picture below is after rubbing with talc powder to try to absorb some of the oil off the fabric.

As you can see, not awful, but still not gone.  Also not quilted yet, I have been rubbing the talc over the stain with a toothbrush from pin to pin.

This quilt is also 505 spray basted.  But needs to be washed.  To solve the problem I thought of thread basting this quilt so it can handle washing without losing the basting or rusting of the pins.

Thanks to a suggestion or two, I have some washing techniques, dawn detergent, orange detergent.

I also know that if I thread baste and ‘pretend bind’ using the backing as a temporary binding, I can handle getting this quilt wet … otherwise I was wondering if I had to have this quilted before washing.

I can’t get the thing washed yet today, but will try to do this week, maybe Sunday?  I still have to hand baste this before getting this wet, and try another go with the talc.

The picture above was taken yesterday, and the picture below is taken today.  So progress with talc removing some of the oil is helping.

There is quite a bit of powder still on this so it may be obscuring the full set of damage.

Oh, and did I say it smells like motor oil and ‘foot powder’ (the talc I’m using)?

On the bright side, I did get the middle of a top pieced, which lead me to how I got so upset at the whole motor oil to begin with.   Some of you may recognize these blocks:

It’s the strip twist blocks from the swap I did (back in December?).  I finished a few of the missing blocks with some of the scrap fabric swap  pieces and dug into my stash.  Isn’t it a beauty?

And here is the oil stain as I discovered it when laying these new blocks down.

See that?  Just above the red block on the left.  Pretty dark oil stain. How did I not notice this before?

So the hurricane quilt is doing better than it was yesterday when I first discovered the stain.  That picture looks pretty dark in comparison to how I see it now.

Too bad the motor oil took all my excitement for the placement of my strip twist blocks and completely crushed it.  And the excitement I felt after I drove a manual transmission for the first time in like 10 years.

Can’t have it all.  At least I didn’t get too  livid.

Although I do have to admit I was shaking pretty good for about a half hour as I was piecing the top together … just trying to really calm myself before taking any action.  Which helped a great deal.


10.12 Quiet

January 21, 2011

It’s been quiet around here lately.

Not the good quiet,

but the mind-numbing-annoying-playing-too-much-of-a-video-game-I-like-but don’t-really-want-to-play-now type of quiet.

and the I-can’t-get-to-the-computer-to-do-my-own-thing type of quiet.

and the I-really-can’t-stand-myself type of quiet.

and the I-finally-went-home-for-christmas-so-I-was-actually-away-from-the-computer type of quiet.

and the I-was-disapointed-by-the-state-of-the-family-house type of quiet.

and the I-am-feeling-smothered-by-someone-who-wants-my-full-attention-at-home type of quiet.

and the I-keep-feeling-like-I-am-stuck type of quiet.

and the I-keep-thinking-I-have-failed-consistently type of quiet.

and the people-keep-noticing-and-telling-me-the-things-they-don’t like-about my-speech/laugh type of quiet.

and the I-keep-thinking-of-my-mom-passing-away-because-of-her-birthday-and-deathday-being-so-close-to-now type of quiet.

and the I-haven’t-even-sewed-lately-to-help-preserve-my-sanity type of quiet.

Thank goodness, yesterday, I felt better, a little more loud.  Today, a tiny bit more.

Lately, I’ve been in a (metaphorical) library and I haven’t even found any good books to read here.