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32.0 This Year’s Balloon Festival 2013

August 17, 2013

Last weekend I attended the early morning competition for the Great Midwest Balloon Festival.

I went to the mall parking lot where the competition was, and the balloons all went north of us. All of them.

But I got a few pictures of the tethered balloon that was up for about a half an hour or so.

tethered balloon rides

Well I got other pictures too, but the rest of them are pretty far away.

mosaic balloon 2013 gmballoonfest 1

1. rainbowballoonincenter, 2. rainbowbargello, 3. threecolorfulballoons, 4. southwestballoon2, 5. rainbowandgreenchevron, 6. orangeballoon, 7. onetwothreeballoons, 8. greenweaveballoonandarrows2, 9. yellowballoon, 10. wickedballoon2, 11. whitetigerballoon, 12. blueredwhiteballoon

I zoomed in on what I could, but the saturday was nice, nice day weather wise, but I wanted big up close pictures like last year.

Everyone was supposed to hit the target, and the winds had changed from when they had the preflight briefing until the actual launch time. So no one hit the target.

Part of the challenge, they said, was everyone had their own launch site, figuring out where to launch from to pass over the mall where we were all waiting.  As a result of variable launch distances & wind speeds, some balloons were closer than others.

Happy and pretty nonetheless.

The next day I decided not to do the same thing, but to head towards the west some.  The balloons had traveled west on Saturday and I sorta followed some of them out of town.

So Sunday, I went to a nature preserve that on Saturday would have been right in the path of the balloons.


….If you look REALLY closely between the two trees you see the faint hint of  a hot air balloon WAY off in the distance….

But of course now I was farther away from the balloon action, they were heading north not west (as much). As much as I liked my prairie hike, I wanted another chance to walk & see the balloons not at the festival, so I went toward civilization, and the balloons, and headed towards another nature center.


1. rainbowballoonnaturecenter2, 2. blackwithrainbowdrops3, 3. rainbowballoonnaturecenter5, 4. balloonroadeclipse

I kinda got into the hot air balloon adventuring idea and that sustained me for a while. One of the above photos was taken from the Wally-World parking lot. Impromptu.

But the nature center was where I was high enough to see the balloons over the tops of the trees, but now I was a little too far east.

At this point, I decided to take some pictures, and walk the trails to see if I could get closer. I couldn’t, but it was a very fun & adventurous weekend. Patchwork of a different kind!



21.8 Two … two quilts on the wall … he he he …

January 7, 2012

So I have been blog silent. A little bit.

Twitter followers may be rejoicing now because my camera is finally home again (tired of my grumbling about it) – just in time for Tuesday’s quilt guild meeting.

Leaving my camera at my relatives meant no pictures during christmas, BDSI, or NYSI or the last week as I was making progress on my exothermic quilt.

Yesterday I spent time straightening up my living room & preparing the 3M hooks to hang on my wall for my quilts.

So now I have two quilts on the wall.

At this rate, I may brighten up my house by the time I am 55, I’ll have … uh lets not exactly say how many … let’s just say “more” quilts on the wall. Maybe then I’ll take down my first quilt. Maybe.

Anyway, you may notice a few things.

  1. I spray painted the dowels and 3M pieces black because I like that accent color better than white & wood colored.
  2. I still have my church up (see episode 6 for the christmas memories episode I think — haven’t listened in over a year) in honor of people who are no longer with me in this life.
  3. I have an applique quilt in a hand quilting hoop (haven’t touched it in over a year, still in the same hoop, may take out stitches & FMQ it instead??)
  4. I have a few other quilts in progress on quilt racks. I love quilt racks in my house although I don’t really have space for them. A way to pretty up an area and to hold quilts in progress or (eventually) finished quilts that are not up on the wall.
  5. I have no problems covering up my windows with quilts rather than shades. I don’t open up the windows anyway, much easier to be a vampire & leave the house dark.  Helps a lot with the weird sleeping when it’s light that I always do in the summer months.

I may try to put up pictures tomorrow of my exothermic quilt.

If you would like to see the progress made on my interesting camera phone and haven’t already, (yes I spammed the hashtag NYSI during new years and new years eve), then go over to my flickr set & see the references to panties & pope hats as I explored the curved seams.

One of the last pictures turned out so poor quality, it actually gives you a sense of value for the finished quilt.

There is a long way to get to this actual point, there are still sashing blocks and the side & corner blocks, which I’m working on now.

But here’s a goal. Maybe by the time winter is over??

I am so glad I switched to these trumpet blocks instead of doing the argyle ones. I liked the grey argyle blocks, and they would have looked very good as well, but each one would have taken way even more time to do with all the pieces.

Anyway, more later. Probably tomorrow. 🙂


13.5 Batik Journey Steps

March 9, 2011

Come with me as we take a journey with batiks.

First we’ll journey with purple and green blocks.

Next we’ll journey with gold and fushia (?) blocks.

Then we’ll journey with purple and blue blocks.

and we can journey into an unintentional fussy cut block center.

and we can journey to the leftovers on the design wall.

and we can journey into a more advanced step of the block.

And we can journey to the completed two purple and green blocks for the swap I am in.

6 in a set, and I haven’t determined exactly how many sets yet, but at this moment in time, I have 2 more blocks to go for a complete set.  I may do up to 3-4 sets … right now that’s what it’s looking like … but we’ll see.


13.3 One More Sewing Day

March 6, 2011

I finally get to sew with some swap ladies, I think the last time we sewed together (including me) was July.

I am really looking forward to this day and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making my pasta salad recipe (which we are starting to just love around here).

I have my quilt swap blocks for the Quiltcast Strip Twist block swap ready to go.  Just waiting on an address clarification and for the post office to be open tomorrow.

Once they are received I will post pictures of what almost went wrong, and of my block that wasn’t correct.

For now, enjoy the picture I took from my new water bottle found in the garden section of walmart.

I also got some jewel corsage pins that aren’t photographing all that well.


12.7 My Favorite Mug

February 21, 2011

I have had a mug in my possession since either the christmas before high school graduation or my graduation.

I don’t remember exactly how it was bestowed upon me, but I do remember that my mother gave me my mug and I had it freshman year of college.

Because my roommie of the time used to laugh because it could hold the entire amount of a ‘four cup’ coffee pot at once.

Anyway, I love the mug fro sentimental reasons – it was a mug that made my mother think of me.

I also really love the mug’s extra large size that makes me think of my first college roommie (I had 5 overall roommies during my years of college).

The weight of the mug is also hefty, which, one may think is a bad thing, but it’s not.

I pick up similar sized mugs at the dollar store occasionally and they are much thinner and harder to want to heft around all the time.

The thinner mugs feel like they’re going to break on me. Ick.

But also the lovely impressionistic Monet replica that is on the mug’s side makes me really adore this mug.

This mug is generally my ‘hot tea’ mug, and I have another mug I use for coffee, which makes me think of a different college roommie.

But this mug is my absolute favorite!


12.1 Because I am tired of white

February 12, 2011

The beginning of the snow season two months ago, I reveled in the patterns created by the light and the snow and the deck.

Then in January, I delighted in seeing the presence of tiny visitors in the snow.

But now in February, this snow has seemed like a prison!

Luckily, a massive heatwave is coming to get rid of all this white on the ground.

(which this actually isn’t all that bad compared to two weeks ago)

Until the heatwave here is some leaves that are ending their photosynthesis lifespan, revealing some wonderful colors underneath.

Love the arch on this picture!