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30.5 It’s coming

April 14, 2013

After two weeks of blog silence, I am finally organized enough to say … it’s on its way.

I am working on a podcast that highlights the past March-A-Long progress of everyone so far.

I am certain that this year 2013 is one of the busiest yet. Overall. Everyweek is CRAZY, even my days off. Especially my days off. And we haven’t even started with lawn chores yet.

Anyway in terms of the end of March-A-Long podcast preparation, I have copied, pasted, looked at blogs, looked at my own blog posts, searched, printed, color coded, written numbers everywhere, and I am attempting to get the entire month of march narrowed down into a list of sorts (or two) to help me prepare.

Some statistics so far:

I have counted 62 separate entries for the March A Long, the inlinkz posts were done by 9 different bloggers overall, and I have counted 23 different quilters that have commented on the March-A-Long blog posts or added their own links for this year.

I tried to copy quotes from all people, and I may have to cut down my quote list a little bit from what I have printed out (5 pages yikes) since all of you can come back and read the March-A-Long comments for yourselves. As of this time, I may have a quote from everyone on the list, or I may be “really really close” to everyone on the list.  After I record all of this (or during if I can’t pick up the pace a little bit) I may search & decide to cut similar things said by different people.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate ALL your hard work during the month of March and ALL the time you took either organizing or telling me about it.  Whew, we did great!!

In addition to searching my own blog, I also tried to revisit the blogs that were listed in the inlinkz and I have a small sampling of things that were written on their blogs too.

But in organizing all this, I am done with my allotted time for today, leaving no time for recording.

So it’s coming, and it’s ready, and I am trying out a new mic, but it is not recorded but I have not forgotten you in the last busy two weeks.

I did get a tiny bit of sewing done since we spoke, which is ripping out backs of hexadaisy, getting it on the design wall, and finally this morning, sewing the blocks together as a center of a quilt top.  And I finished my embroidery block for guild, and I had a “blowout envy rage thing (very unflattering of me)” over missing blocks from my own guild blocks box. To help the blowoutrageenvything I ironed two whole stacks of fabric I received from a fellow quilter.

And since the most positive of the things mentioned in my own sewing is the center of the hexadaisy, here it is:

hexadaisy finished center

Talk to you all as soon as I can!


8.7 Podcast Preview – Quilting Speed

October 19, 2010

Hey quilters,  I may actually have time to do a podcast this coming weekend – yeah I know, it took me 9 days just to type up 2 blog posts, and now I am going to want to get a podcast done on top of it!  In one weekend?  We’ll see.

So here is the preview.  Answer me these questions if you want to be included in the episode

Speed.  Quilting speed. I am not necessarily interested in how fast you complete projects, although that is a good angle too, and will be included in the podcast.

But more I want to know how fast you actually quilt. 

Do you think about your quilting speed, your piecing speed?

How fast do you quilt?  Does it depend on the project or project type?  Do you zip through borders like mad?  Does it hurt or help you in the long run?

What about free motion quilting?  The speed is one of the hardest things to get used to on free motion quilting, so are there any speed stories out there? 

Or even more fun (because we can learn from them) – “speed killed my quilt” stories.

Or do you have tips and tricks about speed and quilting?


7.6 Podcast Preview Rules and How to break them

August 6, 2010

We all hate the quilt police.

Image from flickr by ” Erica Marshall of

When I started this quilting journey, I learned a ton of ‘rules’ that are usually set up to give you the best quilt you could get in the end.

There are many kinds of rules: ‘design rules, color rules, pressing rules, back stitch rules, applique rules, machine quilting rules, swapping rules, BOM rules’ etc..

Do you follow the rules, break the rules, worry about the rules? Do you encourage others with the quilting knowledge you have, and appear as the quilting police to someone else unintentionally?

What are you thoughts about rules?  Add your thoughts and be a part of the next podcast.

We are down to 3/4 of a computer now, so I can’t actually record anything until some needed parts arrive, but soon … soon.  In the meantime, I’ll be over at the big tent.


6.3 Podcast Preview – Stereotypes and Grouping

May 24, 2010

Getting the word out about my next podcast about stereotypes. 

Things have been crazy the past two weeks and so my research days turned into working days (or working on the totebag days).  All the effort I put into the totebag will be worth it when the recipient sees the bag!  I can’t wait!

I will get another podcast out sometime on memorial day weekend – working on it so far, have some recorded, but not all.

Before next weekend, I will ask, do any of you suffer from or experience quilting stereotypes?  Do you hear others group quilters into large categories?

Do you know about the average quilter and do you fit the average? 

Let me know through comment or e-mail by friday and I will synthesize your experiences into the podcast!


4.8 Podcast Preview 11 – Happy Pi Day

March 7, 2010

Thank you for the response so far to the DNA quilt.  I think if I create this quilt that is in my head, it could be amazing. 

For the next podcast, we are going to talk about Pi Day, but mainly explore two online photo editing websites out there for doing photo editing for home or quilt editing.  I am also considering doing a giveaway!

There are some other happy possibilities out there for quilt podcast listeners who would like an online community for all the quilting podcasts out there.  Stay tuned for more info on that as details start to get worked out.


4.4 Podcast 10 Preview – It’s in your DNA

February 16, 2010

Finally.  I’ve finally given up on learning as much of this DNA thing as I am going to learn and so the next podcast – the big 1 – 0 here comes the Deoxyribonucleic acid.  (eek look at that big biology word!) 

I’ll present the original DNA quilt, talk (more) about the medicine magazine article that I finally received in the mail, and share another cool site. 

Then I’ll share some of my inspiration on creating the ‘next step’ of a DNA quilt with an ‘amino acid’ quilt. 

Does anyone out there in quilt-land have a DNA inspired quilt already?  Or a DNA inspired idea already?  If so, let me know, and I’ll put you up on the blog post. 

And yes I will highlight the Genome Quilt creator Beverly St Clair too.

Image from wikipedia

This coming week and weekend is a smattering of quilty commitments and playtimes and so I’ll try to get the podcast together and up shortly, but it may be posted by sometime mid next-week.  Thank you for your patience.

And I did get one response to “what happens to episodes 1-4 in iTunes”, and so thanks go out to Lynn.   I want to see if her experience is the same as others out there. 

If you’re a new listener and just started listening to my podcast recently if you enjoy what you’re listening to, can I ask that you check out and try to download episodes 1 – 4 on iTunes.  Then can you e-mail me ( and tell me what happened? (even if it DID work – that would be super helpful)

I’m getting some information from my hosting site on a FAQ written 2 years ago, but a different experience from my listener.  There are no forums for this hosting site (not wordpress) to ask questions, so I am using listener feedback to help me diagnose and decide what to do next.  Then I’ll stop asking about it – I promise.


4.1 Podcast Preview 9 Experimentation Station

February 1, 2010

Next podcast will be about designing good experiments – different experimental techniques to use for quilting.  Stay tuned!


3.7 Podcast 8 Preview – What’s that word I’m looking for?

January 14, 2010

Another departure from the “normal science podcast.”  This week we explore the idea of how quilting, scientific, and mathematic glossaries, terminology, and notations can trip you up from trying something new. 

Before I learned the word “stoichiometry” I was terrified until I understood that the concept was much easier to deal with than the word itself.  I hear that quilting has some words and terms like this as well – like “trapunto“.


By the podcast I will come up with some strategies to deal with intimidating vocabulary.  Any advice to share from english-literary people would be nice (yes I want to use both sides of my brain here).


3.2 Podcast 7 Preview – Fun with Fibonacci

December 29, 2009

Okay folks, next time I’ll be back with a mathematical theme which has now gotten two requests!  Diving into the mathematical models of order and visual stunning, we will have some fun with fibonacci on the next podcast. 


My plate may not actually have a Fibonacci sequence on it, but it sure reminds me of things governed by an interesting and visually appealing mathematical concept!


2.8 Podcast 6 Preview – Chemistry Ornaments

December 18, 2009

Yeah I think I’m addicted to this podcasting thing.  This should be a nice (maybe short?) crafty podcast where I talk about chemistry ornaments.  I never got to doing much physics ornaments because usually we were completing our catapults this time of year.  Projectile ornaments!  Wouldn’t that be fun?

For this ornament that you will probably have time to complete for next year (or this coming week if you hurry, but you have to wait for an overnight step). 

Not so much for quilting though.  Although I did revisit a wreath idea that I remember helping with that had fabric patchwork pieces, which may almost count for quilting.