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33.3 All podcast links on the site do not work

December 3, 2013

Some of you may have noticed on the sidebar by now or maybe a problem in the defunct podcast feed that something hasn’t been quite right. For over a month.

I have not had the time nor energy to consider renewing my podcast so I decided to not auto-renew on the current account (that all the links go back to from the site).

The whole podcast account was cancelled a month earlier than expected.  Just letting you know. I wasn’t sure how they were going to treat it once cancelled, but apparently that means having no access to anything on my part. Without warning the feed was gone & I wasn’t able to get in on my side or just go to a free version or whatever that would be.

I haven’t had the time to process all the old blog posts or update anything on the sidebar of the site.  So now there are likely empty links hanging around either on various posts or in other areas.

If I ever regain the courage/time/energy to podcast again, it would be starting from scratch from somewhere else (new hosting probably). But now I am just a free floating once a month/twice a month blogger who occasionally pops in on twitter / facebook & says Hi!

Who does miss all-ya-all! :0

Yes I realize there are broken links everywhere, and one day I will stop quilting so much and start working on all the links.  And sidebars and stuff. But not today.

Quilts to finish & design & start & handwork & so on & so on!


30.5 It’s coming

April 14, 2013

After two weeks of blog silence, I am finally organized enough to say … it’s on its way.

I am working on a podcast that highlights the past March-A-Long progress of everyone so far.

I am certain that this year 2013 is one of the busiest yet. Overall. Everyweek is CRAZY, even my days off. Especially my days off. And we haven’t even started with lawn chores yet.

Anyway in terms of the end of March-A-Long podcast preparation, I have copied, pasted, looked at blogs, looked at my own blog posts, searched, printed, color coded, written numbers everywhere, and I am attempting to get the entire month of march narrowed down into a list of sorts (or two) to help me prepare.

Some statistics so far:

I have counted 62 separate entries for the March A Long, the inlinkz posts were done by 9 different bloggers overall, and I have counted 23 different quilters that have commented on the March-A-Long blog posts or added their own links for this year.

I tried to copy quotes from all people, and I may have to cut down my quote list a little bit from what I have printed out (5 pages yikes) since all of you can come back and read the March-A-Long comments for yourselves. As of this time, I may have a quote from everyone on the list, or I may be “really really close” to everyone on the list.  After I record all of this (or during if I can’t pick up the pace a little bit) I may search & decide to cut similar things said by different people.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate ALL your hard work during the month of March and ALL the time you took either organizing or telling me about it.  Whew, we did great!!

In addition to searching my own blog, I also tried to revisit the blogs that were listed in the inlinkz and I have a small sampling of things that were written on their blogs too.

But in organizing all this, I am done with my allotted time for today, leaving no time for recording.

So it’s coming, and it’s ready, and I am trying out a new mic, but it is not recorded but I have not forgotten you in the last busy two weeks.

I did get a tiny bit of sewing done since we spoke, which is ripping out backs of hexadaisy, getting it on the design wall, and finally this morning, sewing the blocks together as a center of a quilt top.  And I finished my embroidery block for guild, and I had a “blowout envy rage thing (very unflattering of me)” over missing blocks from my own guild blocks box. To help the blowoutrageenvything I ironed two whole stacks of fabric I received from a fellow quilter.

And since the most positive of the things mentioned in my own sewing is the center of the hexadaisy, here it is:

hexadaisy finished center

Talk to you all as soon as I can!


30.1 Relaxing

March 17, 2013

I give up on producing the podcast for this week today.

I have gone overboard at cleaning this place up for the Tuesday visit from family (oh no, not me going overboard), and while my house is mostly clean (except for a pile of things in living room that can be put back in a hurry if necessary) I have overexhausted myself at this time.

So I chose to relax with the end of my time for today.


PLEASE keep reporting in on your March-A-Long progress for the 2nd week, and DON’T GIVE UP on Marching A Long with 15 minutes a day for this coming week!


What did I do, cleaned 3 major rooms of the house which includes things like mirrors, mopping, wiping down, vacuuming out dryer hoses (needed it, now my dryer will work like it did when new and less risk of fire!), folding fabric and putting it away, sorting fabric, cleaning up piles of zip lock bags, picking up things from 3 different rooms, sweeping under areas that I long have avoided, cleaning behind permanently out items on the kitchen cabinet.

I am sorry that this was my priority today, I haven’t even went grocery shopping for the week.  It was a great catalyst for spring cleaning the house, I knew I only had today to put it all together.

But I am “all pooped out”, and hopefully tomorrow, I can enjoy my birthday in peace at a new to me restaurant.

And the next day after work I will be enjoying time with my family without cleaning one bit. I am sure none of them will notice, but I will feel less ashamed this way at how things really get as bad as they do otherwise. I normally don’t “see” the mess at all anymore, become blind to it, until I imagine looking at my house with ‘a stranger’s eyes’.

my clean table


27.4 Going to have to interrupt myself here

September 30, 2012

I have to put up a blog post to say that I have a new blog post coming.


Anyway, I have gotten the mic out and discussed 2 months of quilting (which you’ve seen some of here).  And shared a little of the silent last 2 weeks here.

Before this I took a walk and listened to podcasts!

And you can see the beginnings of fall!

Love the peaking out of the red among the green.

And these little red beauties.


And the red coming up the trunks.

And the little red punctuation next to the tree.

Once I stop getting interrupted, I’ll see what I can do to listen, get a list of the projects on the post that accompanies it…

Hopefully soon will crank out a podcast and get to feeling back to normal around here again! Working on it.


Not today though. Have a good evening!


26.5 Working on the next summer chat podcast

July 11, 2012

Hello all you all!  I sat down & recorded a summer chat podcast just to keep in touch with everyone.  In it I talk about our Jelly Roll Race Day with the guild.  Currently need a tiny bit of time to put together a few things on the blog to correspond & at least one listen through.

Look for it pretty soon (within the next few days probably?) Course it doesn’t help that the next 3 days after work are pretty much booked up solid.

Take care & talk to you soon!

My first gladiolus blossom from scratch! Not much of a gardener (hard to do with the ivy finding me all the time, but maybe that’s gone now – hopeful thinking).

Just had a fabulous time with my quilt guild for show & tell our works in progress. I think I ‘brought’ the most of everyone. Doesn’t mean I have the most WIP’s though.

But I still found myself nervous in front of a crowd. Funny how that is.


18.1 Close

August 11, 2011

Sunday I recorded an episode, but hadn’t edited/tweaked it.

I listened to it monday, rerecorded a section, didn’t finish.

I listened to it tuesday, rerecorded a different section, didn’t finish.  Went to Quilt Guild.  Didn’t sleep much.

Wednesday, I had a few final tweaks that I was excited to do before heading to work – knowing exactly how my vision was going to be realized.

Then I left work on Wednesday feeling very upset.  One of ‘those days.’ No energy.

Today Thursday, still tired, no energy, have plans this afternoon/evening. Probably no sleep much tonight.

I am looking forward to tonight to help me pull myself back to where I was on Tuesday/Wednesday am.  Very happy, feeling good, laughing.  But to do so means more lack of sleep.

Don’t anticipate energy Friday.  We’ll see.


Shucks.  I was this close to a ‘weekly podcast’.  This close.  Soon.  Soon.


17.7 Reality Check

July 24, 2011

I wrote an e-mail to Nonnie about my podcasting experience through a survey she had sent out on Big Tent.

When it got to the editing section, boy did I really analyze the use of my time on podcasts.

I will not bore, err, scare, err intimidate, err enlighten you with the lengthy list of things that I do for a podcast, unless requested.

The good news is that other podcasters don’t spend anywhere near the time that I do, and so if you’re ever holding back with podcasting because of what I say, just know that I am NOT the norm.

Just know that if you’re a slow poke, perfectionist that tends to say the wrong words, stutter, trip over your own tongue, puts together (sometimes) lengthy blog posts, and wants to discuss a topic that has to be researched, that you’ll likely have the same frustration experience as I do.

Overall it was a good reality check.

… in other news …

My computer was being a pain this morning so I got to sewing… two days in a row.

This weekend:

Pinwheels for me.

Pinwheels for others (some of them).

Rulers on the wall. (yes first time hanging them)

Exothermic something (the orange and yellow quilt) flags, sewing the blocks together – finally.

Center of the Disappearing 4 patch sewn together.

Reality check on D4P:

This disappearing four patch is meant as a practice piece, but I don’t know if it’s useful at this size.  Will not tend to hang on the wall, but already took apart and tried the technique.  Will see if this will work as a lap quilt with borders.

And I worked on both the harlequin quilt top in EQ7 (which gave me my current blog background), and the Exothermic quilt borders.

Reality check on Exothermic:

I spent a TON of time looking at the borders, which were meant to be a solution for using the leftover bits from making the blocks.  The blocks I was left with was:

Well the black isn’t in the block yet, so I had to work out the size the block would be first.

But the direction of the strips limited my initial exothermic quilt design a bit. the strips I thought would be more going along the bias instead of jutting out like this.  Which means something different to the design symmetry of the piece.

I came up with what I feel is a reasonable solution:

I think I finally got the black and silver border to be the correct width to give the blocks outside the correct height / width.  That took me a long time.

Not so sold on the corner squares in the absolute outer edge, but I am waiting to see if I love this layout or not.  Hard to gauge without going through the trouble of putting in all my fabrics.


17.2 Tribbles and Hand Sewing

July 14, 2011

Well, today is actually a good day for me to sit at my computer at length, and I haven’t wanted to keel over due to the heat.

Working on getting the AC fixed, or at least watching while it is, and there were days earlier this week it was 93 inside.  At 2:30 AM.  At my computer.

This has put a major dampening on my computer activities (although not exactly computer silent either).

And the enthusiasm I had built up on sunday just prior to all this chaos has sorta slipped away.

Had a great time at the quilt show, and will share it with you audibly with you soon!

In the mean time, lots more hand sewing while I sit in a 10 X10 (or so) room watching TV and some of the Harry Potter movies.

I’m up to HP4 rewatched now, and yes, the premiere is tomorrow (tonight), but I have tickets for Monday afternoon, so I have time to watch the remaining 3 movies beforehand.

Anyway … (see how I’ve missed you, rambling already)

Here are the tribbles I’ve been working on.  They even did me the honor of lining up for me.

And what do you know, 12 more decided to show up on the table after this picture was taken.  I told you they multiply!

Actually, this picture doesn’t look too far off of what the periodic table actually is … which is a good thing.

I have lots and lots of tribble seeds still thanks to Pam and several members of my wonderful guild!  They’re so addicting to do that a few more tribble skeletons (not sure if they have skeletons?) also followed me home yesterday, to the size of 3/4 and 1 inch.  (These are 1/2 inch along each hexie side).


17.0 Meet my Quilts

July 6, 2011

The following quilts are going into the show this weekend titled with the following names:

Quilt #1:

Challenged by Yellow

28 X 14

I found Judy L’s (Patchwork Times online) monochromatic challenge for the month of January intriguing – Yellow!  Yellow!  Who makes a full yellow quilt?

Challenge is on!

Using Bonnie Hunters (Quiltville) Strip Twist pattern as inspiration, I made the 2 blocks (limited in size by my lack of yellow fabrics) and then found a black and yellow butterfly on my calendar, so I traced and appliqued it onto the top.

Quilt #2:

Make it Sew

6 X 17 X 12

I was inspired to make the style of cover by flossie blossom (on flickr) but wanted a machine cover that had the words “make it sew”.  Make it sew is a play on Start Terk Next Generation Captain Piccard’s famous line “Make it so”  So I added the Star Trek emblem to the front.

I had wanted to complete a spectrum quilt, and on Star Trek they refer to ‘dilithium’ a lot, so the embroidery on the front and back is dilithium – 2 lithium spectra.

The hole in the back is perfect fit for my machine.

Quilt #3:

Homeless Escher Steps in 3D

18 X 16

Pattern from

This is the first quitl I hand pieced which was a breeze.  1-2 sides a day every day after lunch, this took a while to piece, but I enjoyed doing it.

Pattern was absolutely perfect for my round table and then I got rid of the table 2 months after completing this quilt.

Named by blog readers.

Quilt #4:

Tilted Online Friendship (With Tribbles)

37 x 37

This was a swapped block from as the first swap of a group of Quilting podcasters and listeners.  Sandi (Colwell) pieced the tilted 4 patch blocks and I sashed the blocks and added the applique which I designed.

This quilt is my first attempt at quilt-as-you-go technique which caused some issues.

The gold hexagons I call ‘tribbles’ because they were multiplying like crazy for another project.  Even they could not stay away from this quilt.

Quilt #5:

Sunflower Patio Dreams

37 X 39

The leaves and the flower petals were from a pattern called “Delightful Daisies” by Bee Creative Studio which I muiltiplied, created a bud that was opened.

I designed the two flowerpots myself, using one of my flower pots as inspiration.

The birds are from ‘Award Winning Applique Birds’ by Panela Humphries and I envisioned this (quilt scene) as if I was looking out the window on a patio.

After searching online the daisies I made were way more like sunflowers which caused some confusion for a while on the title.

Quilt Auction Quilt:

Tweeting in the Crimson Sunrise

21 x 21

Pattern from Quilters

Otherwise known as “Ouch this hurts my eyes”


Will try to get a podcast around the ‘behind the scenes of a quilt show” by podcasting a little each day the next few days.  The Quilt Show starts Friday at Eudora Middle School and goes through Saturday afternoon.


15.4 Recorded, needs tweaking

May 1, 2011

A podcast about swaps is on its way.  I have recorded the first hour now 3 times and have about 20 minutes of personal stuff that needs rerecorded (tweaked) & edited because it got too personal at the end and after 4 hours in between recording and listening, brought my own mood back down from a pretty good feeling.  Will not subject you to that.  Will record tomorrow or Tuesday because now it’s bedtime and I need sleep!