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40.3 Wha Happened?!!?

December 3, 2016

So, I intended to write up several posts the remainder of this year.

One post I wanted to write about my involvement with our local quilt show, which this year put me in the middle of helping in a very deep way. I was going to go through my thoughts and feelings of pride and exhaustion just getting everything ready in time. I even made a quick little video of the quilts at our local show which I maybe intended to post here.



One post was intended (or many, actually) with my epic trip to Michigan to the AQS show there with my aunt, and all the quilty things we saw and did there, and on the way there, and how I finally met a few of my online quilting friends I have known over 5 years, and a few brand new friends in the last few years. How it was almost comical how much effort we kept trying to get everyone together all at the same time, and we came “this close” to it, but still cherished the time we spent walking down the hallway, eating in some favorite restaurants, getting to enjoy the Lion King exhibit together, discussing with the white glove members that yes, we were allowed to take pictures of the guild quilts according to the map of the exhibit, how I found the best burger of the trip at La Claire, IA, and the surprise trip stop back through Riverside, Iowa, in addition to seeing two separate Amish communities.



One post was intended about the fact that I wasn’t quilting, I was gaming instead. Hmm. Maybe one post should have been about the despair I was feeling about feeling so very disconnected from everything quilty for a while on a path of my own choosing simply starting with things not going right in one area of my life, and my escapism to try to deal with that lead me to feel isolated everywhere else in my life. And how when I looked at a different part of my life that was originally working well, things started to crumble in that area too (weight, health, relaxation), and how devastated I was when my “take it easy” vacation lived up to very little of the expectations I had for it, and how that started to make me even more angry and upset.

One post about the epic change that has happened this year and how, in the middle of it all, I drove down to northwest Arkansas and quilted for several days to try to bring me back into the normal swing of things and got lots of quilty support, and then immediately had to go back to grueling, back-breaking work to be able to pull off what was done in time.


One post about how again I went to an outdoor quilt show and how much I jibber-jabbered with the members of the other guild while I was there in the beautiful outdoor setting.


One post about how sad and devastated that I was that my primary camera in the last year has cracks on the front glass that makes many pictures look even more terrible than they used to look from the blur, and how I haven’t yet had a spare moment to figure out how to fix it (a 7-8 dollar fix + time). And then more ruminating about how sad it makes me feel that I accidentally cracked the glass on the front of the camera by doing nothing more than something I was trying to make myself happy doing.

One post about the fun times with one of my bestest quilting friends here looking at the art museum that I had never been to before, how I was scared of the big giant room with the large tall pillars just before the courtyard food service. How much I liked looking at other cultures’ art.


Ya know, the norm.

Things have been topsy turvy lately in the Scientific Quilter household.


At this point, this is a good thing.

No, it’s not good that I fell off the grid.

But, I am at a beginning. At least one for now. A new year at the beginning of December. Just like several years ago when I was going to start tracking my food and lost all the weight I had (before I put it all back and then some this year). I started before the new year. Small stuff at first. Which eventually grew. I think if I had started that previous weight loss journey on Jan 1, I would have failed. But I started it Dec 1 of that previous year.

And that’s (approximately) where I am at now. At a beginning. Caused by the push from some of the pain and frustration of this past fall.

Right now, several possibilities await! Maybe weight loss, but maybe more. Once I figure things out.

You see, I am never good at making decisions. Not easily. I think about them too much. And I have a lot of decisions to make in the next few months. Some of this seems overwhelming, some seems fun and exciting. Ok, a lot of it feels fun and exciting.

I now have a new dedicated space for quilting and sewing and being on my computer. It’s a nice space, way bigger than the tiny 9X9 room I was using before that had 3 large rows of bookshelves in addition to all the paper clutter that eventually forced my sewing machine out to the kitchen, the projects into the living room. Now everything is here. In one space! Well until I get some of my completed quilts out and on the walls, anyway. (yes that’s the main circuit breaker on the wall)



I get to figure out cutting table solution, quilting table solution, design wall solution. Finding lots of uses for 3M command strips that are more and more versatile. But lemme tell you from some experience from removing them lately (a LOT of them), they hurt when you snap them back at your fingers accidentally.


39.4 Quilt Top Pile Up Post 1

February 29, 2016

The first half of 2015 was dedicated to the Regional Quilt Festival in KC. Getting specific tops done and then working on the binding and sleeves for those quilts in that show.

The second half of 2015 was dedicated to making scrappy quilts, working on new scrappy quilts inspired by items seen on Pinterest or other places.

Near the beginning of last year, before the show, I was focused on prepping lots of mini quilts for quilting on my small quilt machine to help me feel more comfortable at free motion quilting.

And then, the quilts all landed in a pile in the corner and were forgotten.

This March, I am going to start off with reviving as many of these tops as I can, in preparation for some free motion quilting on larger items.

Some I purchased, some are leftover blocks, or other creative mistakes or other things.

Here’s what I posted earlier this month in my March Goals post.

small tops to back and quilt

Larger Quilt tops to Back and Quilt

small basted quilts to quilt

I am wanting to organize my own Pinterest page with my updated pictures of my quilt tops, so you will be seeing some more individual pictures on flickr this week (lord willing)

This doesn’t include other tops like Gemini Sky, Hexadaisy Rings, Weave, the DNA quilt or the 1/3 quilted Samurai Sudoku quilt, not to mention several others that I may also have in a pile that I haven’t reached yet.

While each top has its own story, there is just too much on some of these quilts for their own separate blog post. And truly, some quilts have less of a story than others.

So this will discuss some of my quilt tops in a group. This post may not be in the order I actually work on the quilt tops, as I am writing these posts prior to the work during March (see March-A-Long for details if necessary), in preparation for what I am going to (hopefully) work on this month.

Today I am going to talk about the quilts farthest along – the basted/almost basted ones that I have 8 pictures above in the last group.

I have made several quilts and had either left over blocks, unused blocks, or just pieces that I wanted to keep as a small momento or to give away that remind me of other quilts.

These quilts are the following quilts:

The practice corners for my Dancing Ribbons Quilt.

blue four corner diamond

The red and white checkers from my Fans and Bows Quilt.

red and white checkered

Some of the leftover pieces from my Exothermic Wonders Quilt.

Orange and Black diamond

The practice green-on-green blocks that went with one of the first Twilter swaps (when we were part of Quiltcast Supergroup before we were Twilters). I had multicolored blocks I swapped instead, this quilt I purposefully cut into three sections so I could see how three quilts next to each other would look, I plan to quilt and bind each piece separately. This is also a “monochromatic” study of yellow greens and blue greens together in the same quilt. The strip on the right is meant for FMQ practice before quilting the part I want to keep.

tilted green

And the four quilts that mean a little less meaning to me. I have fond memories of a few of these, but they are not tied to any other quilt out there.

The green and black ombre quilt. I made this one with a piece of ombre fabric I purchased at fabric recycles. I cut diamonds and organized the quilt top and I didn’t have a great plan for it yet. Decided to baste as it is with black batting and green backing.

black and green ombre diamond

A winding ways applique I purchased at Fabric Recycles

fabric recycles winding ways practice

A four part baby quilt that someone made of just squares on point. I plan to do heavy FMQ on this one at this time.

fabric recycles baby quilt square practice

And finally the pastel panel that I cut up and sashed. This fabric was gifted to me as a member of our guild by a lady from our guild who designs several quilts and works for quilt market on various projects. I think the story is she had leftover fabric and we could do what we wanted with it, hoping that we would make things for the guild auction for the big quilt show last year.

small pastel rainbow circles

Wow this is a lot of small quilts! May take me all of March just for these! I have a feeling once i get going on one, the rest will be easier to start.

Don’t forget about intending to quilt in the month of March! See my last March-A-Long post for details.


39.0 First BOM – Stained Glass

January 17, 2016

For the brand new year, I happened upon a brand new BOM that I decided to join up and work on.

I love the stained glass look for quilts, and this one just spoke to me this time.

A designer for which I know little about, lives in Europe, I have bought one of her patterns before and the quilt is on my list to do, Ula Lenz has made the Ray of Hope quilt in hexagon style.

I have already completed the first block, here are some of the pieces I was working on.


I had a bright bag of orange, purple, pink batik scraps that I knew just “went together”. I think someone from my guild donated them to me at the last retreat a year ago. I had kept the fabrics separate from the rest of my stash, hoping to find a use for them.

I remembered seeing these fabrics recently, so I located an appropriately dark batik that I had bought to use for some purpose that matched these pretty batiks.


I have already cut out the border fabric for these blocks, the way Ula has us do the quilt is to make sashing and fun border wonky stars in between each of the hexagon blocks.

There are many color ways that would look fantastic for this quilt. I have luckily got the first block done, so I hope that I will be able to remind myself to download her next BOM when it’s posted at the beginning of each month.

It’s free. As you can see, each of the hexagons will be done in three sub blocks, and several of them have different amounts of seams on them.

Paper piecing doesn’t scare me.

Here’s the pretty block without the border pieces.


I hope I can keep enough of these fabrics in the quilt. I may try to find another light fabric to help with the contrast a little more on future blocks.

And here’s the block with border pieces. So now it can be sewn in square.



33.8 Test post

January 21, 2014

I just finished a post, but my device didn’t have memory to upload it. Here’s a test post to see if it will post without pictures.


Samurai sudoku quilt center finished

November 9, 2012

I am writing this fromSan iPod on retreat

As soon as I get back I can be more thorough.

 Hope you are able see this pic. If not head to Flickr. 

Not letting me put the picture in. 😦

Well another top to quilt



26.2 Sharing Jo’s Country Hexagon from Flickr (flickr friday)

June 15, 2012

Jo’s Country Hexagon

Originally uploaded by Nettie’s Quilts

I was relistening to my podcasts about the angles in quilting.

This quilt fits all the categories. There are ‘triangles’ that are created in the middle of two rings, there are individual trapezoid fabrics that make up the rings, and the white fabric in the middle are hexagons.

This is fun scrappy, but could have some different pizazz if there was directed a little bit. Maybe I’ll put it on my ‘to do list’.

I have added several other flickr favorites, which you can find here:

Some of them are little marvin pictures who are put in all sorts of fun locations.


24.4 HST thoughts from Linda Rotz Miller

March 20, 2012


Originally uploaded by Linda Rotz Miller Quilts & Quilt Tops

I just had to share this little picture from Linda Rotz Miller on flickr. I friended her a while ago and she’s amazingly productive, more pictures faster than about anyone I’ve ever met before – even Pam.

If you’re a flickr user, be sure to friend Linda.

This particular post is about the number of half square triangles found in two different quilts that look totally different. Check it out!


23.9 Matching the Grid, which option do you like?

March 14, 2012

I’ve been thinking about one principle of design or just a general rule I heard somewhere.

When putting two blocks together in a quilt as alternating blocks, a quilt works best when the blocks are of the same grids.

A 3 X 3 grid is a typical 9 patch block.

I found this really cool 5 X 5 grid block that I want to do with my guild, but I wanted to have an alternate block of weaving chains to tie the quilt together because this block I want to do (see below) seems too fragmented as it is.

This block is called footstool. and you can easily see the 5 x 5 block.

The chain that I originally paired it with was a 3 X3 grid block, an underground railroad block (called bluechains in EQ7)

Which is clearly a 3 X 3 grid, which makes a fairly wide chain.

Putting the quilt together it looks like this:

And I like the pattern and flow of this quilt very much.

But I am still bugged by the 3 x 3 next to the 5 x 5.

So digging into EQ a little bit more, there is another chain block that is similar that is a 5 x 5 grid.

Which just fragments the whole thing even more in the quilt.

But when I add some darker color in the middle, it looks less distracting.

The quilt now looks like this:

So I can’t really decide.

What do you like quilt on the left or on the right?

And I reserve my right to change my mind or go with even a 3rd or 4th option.


23.5 Necchi Love

March 9, 2012

I’ve been extremely happy at seeing what everyone has been doing for march, or at least hearing about it.

I have been not sewing too much, but I’ve been cutting out paper piecing templates for two quilts that have several pieces to them. One quilt I printed out templates for 20 blocks (4 pieces each), and the other for 4 blocks (6X4) 24 pieces each.

Today I’ll start folding all the pieces down while I am away.

But Wednesday, I adventured to this nice retired engineer’s house (was a little eccentric), and he had like 20 sewing machines that he’s either fixed ready to sell, or going to fix to sell.

I think his hobby isn’t sewing, but fixing sewing machines.

Anyway, he found this machine with a lot of Oklahoma red clay and thought it was rust, then cleaned it, oiled it. I saw on Craigslist and knew it was for me!

All metal, including the apron.

We’ve already had a little few tangles once I tried to change to certain stitches, I am thinking it’s related to either the tension or how I thread my bobbin.

But anyway, tangles put away and now I’m looking for a name.

I understand Necchi is Italian. And I’m looking for a name for this machine.

Looking for sassy, italian, older.

Although I was told that maybe I should look for the italian companion for something english & classic like ethyl, elenor.

Already got some good suggestions on twitter, but if you have any more suggestions, lemme know.

I think it’s going to be interesting getting to know her. 🙂


22.9 Scientific Quilter’s favorites Feb 18, 2012

February 18, 2012
Happy Days 4In CelebrationIn Celebration 7-Aseamless surface design tileddover maddening pencil mazemarimekko quilt back
Cathedral Window Quilt, blockAnother Mushroom QuiltMy mario Mushroom QuiltBlack Mage QuiltDay & Night quilt topThink Outside the BLOCK Quilt
16th Birthday quiltBlack and White and Red All Over QuiltDan's Quilt: ebony and ivoryamish quilt Black Quiltsblue quilt
AbstractBraided Kaleidoscope for Fat QuarterlyIMG-20120205-00122Θ Caleidoscopio - Kaleidoscope ΘTD2_146TD2_147

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

I don’t have a ton more favorites from flickr as I thought.

I thought a little bit of color over here that is not orange, black or a variation of either would be a very good thing!

Hope to be able to show more progress pictures of other projects soon. Maybe as soon as wednesday.

Time to get away (20 minutes away) with the fabulous members of my guild as we go to the retreat center with all the sewing machines, irons, fabrics as possible!