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33.7 2013 Quilts in Review

January 7, 2014

A little late, but better late than never.

Trying to organize & figure out what quilts are done when, started when. Trying to get things updated in some places & others.

Here are the finished projects for 2013. All done with these. This year.

2013 quilt finishes

1. Teal Cathedral binding left, 2. biscornu pincushion and removable thread catcher, 3. quilt show auction quilt, 4. irregular ice at the show, 5. little star with beads, 6. needle felted book, 7. star struck baby quilt, 8. strip twist completed, 9. scrappy jewel tone quilt

These are the quilt tops that I have completed in the year 2013 with or without borders

2013 quilt tops
1. black embroidery bordered, 2. kings puzzle top outside, 3. Hexadaisy ringed, 4. samurai sudoku quilt with borders, 5. gemini sky borders started6. Not available

And I am checking other finishes & celebrating other finishes on other years.

2012 finishes – the year of small quilt finishes with one big double quilt finish at the end

2012 quilt finishes


1. fibonacci feathers at the show, 2. fibonacci minimalist, 3. Black Baltimore Beauty at Show, 4. Dancing Ribbons at the Show, 5. exothermic wonders front shown at the show, 6. exothermic wonders back shown at the show, 7. dont panic final8. Not available9. Not available

2011 finishes – more small quilt finishes

2011 quilt finishes

1. mis top cover, 2. yellow quilt finished, 3. quilt completed, 4. quiltshowauctiontweetingthecrimsonsunrise, 5. completed sunflower patio quilt, 6. DSC07624, 7. aproncompleted8. Not available9. Not available

2010 finishes – the year of the bag & first full quilt finish

2010 quilt finishes

1. totebagswapoutside, 2. totebag 2 outside, 3. camera bag, 4. purse completed, 5. My finished nametag for guild, 6. ribbonsquiltonthewall