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28.7 Getting Star Struck

November 25, 2012

A month (or two?) ago my cousin asked if I would like to do a baby quilt (not for her, but for her daughter). I said sure, and then proceeded to forget / put off deciding to do it for at least another month.  I had thought maybe I would, but how would I charge, would I charge, precedent is set, all these questions & many more froze me to my path.

So I avoided it.

Not a great strategy of dealing with things, I know, but one I am most familiar with.

So I was asked a week ago if I was still up for doing it, and so I rummaged around looking for jelly roll patterns, happened on Quiltville (OK I know about quiltville, I have KNOWN about quiltville for quite some time now) and I happened to see a quilt or two that struck my fancy.

Made some decisions. Finally.

So I proceeded to message rapidly & rabidly my indecision, my possible solutions. A day or so later, she told me that her daughter really liked black & brights a lot, which was one of my favorite quilt options that I really liked that I would be happy with a quilt like this, even if things didn’t work out for the baby quilt.

Cuz was cool, telling me she didn’t want to cause me stress, and if it happened, great, if not, then I’d be getting something I really liked out of this ordeal (and even so, will be making blocks for myself for this quilt anyway).

The quilt I saw was “Star Struck“. In the dark & brights version. Less scrappy than bonnies traditional scrappy quilts, but scrappy none-the-less.

And the blocks are easy. I’ve made the sub blocks for 11 of them and just started sewing them the last 2 days.

Now I know to get the 4 subblocks sewn (not together yet), it takes me just under 10 minutes and 30 seconds!

So you wanna see?

If you want to learn how to make the blocks, head over to Bonnie Hunter’s site to see her progress and get the steps on how to make them. Her tutorial is easy to follow.

Here’s my first 2 blocks. Oh so fun!

And I love the secondary pattern that shows up in the end. So satisfying. And cheery!

But due to the pinked edges, I don’t think the baby will see many sharp points on this quilt.

But sharp objects are bad for babies anyway.

I neglected a whole bunch of things today to work on this. So rapid progress made so far may come to a grinding halt this coming week with work, cooking, shopping for groceries, playing video games and / or billiards.  So we’ll see how much of this gets done beyond today.

It feels better getting things done toward this quilt, even if things don’t work out with the commission. (price doesn’t seem right, baby hates the quilt, mommy hates the quilt, baby is 25 before getting the quilt made, ya know, baby is opposed to triangles, or is allergic to triangles, baby cannot stand the randomness, or detests rotational symmetry, – ya know the regular things that could cause this to go wrong).


21.9 Here’s a side

January 8, 2012

I admit that I am relatively new to paper piecing.

I pretty much know the basics, usually only have to rip out the first stitch. Today I ripped out one that didn’t fit, and a 2nd that I had folded underneath.

Another thing that I did that I do not recommend:

If your paper piecing is too long to print out on EQ on one full page, do NOT, I repeat – do not, use clear packaging tape to tape the pieces together and stick the tape right dab in the middle of the sewing line.

No my needle didn’t feel gummy or have trouble, but when ripping out the paper, boy it was a problem. Some of the tape is still there, but only a very very little, so I’ll let it be.

But I am considering the best way to put the paper pieces together.

You can see I saved myself some problems by doing a few things.

  1. I sewed a strip set of the four graduating fabrics and cut all three pieces from that piece.  The bottom red/brown I originally intended to piece separately, but in the strip set it went, made it faster & uniform.
  2. By sewing strip sets and boxes, my cross wise grain (or lengthwise grain) ends up on the long diagonal side of this block, which is where a lot of stretch happens.
  3. I actually paper pieced the corners of this block, the black and orange middle points separately onto paper – which is where the tape problem is.

Now I had two options (or more) on how to piece this together.

First option is to sew the bottom pieces, then sew on the top orange piece, then using y seams, sew the middle orange pieces (the short legs of the triangle).  This was my first instinct, but not the one I took.

Nay, nay (says a funny comic)

The second option seemed so much better, so much more inspired by the brilliant quilting decision I made over NYSI to piece the middle of my curved block separately from the two outer pieces (here’s a bad picture beware)

So I decided today on my paper pieced block, that I would sew the top 3 sections together, then sew the bottom 3 sections together, and then sew both pieces together. Which was an … interesting choice to say the least.

This lead to some ‘interesting stitching around the corners.  And some bunching of the seams near the center piece.

But the piece is squared up all perfectly nice even along the diagonal. And I swear I did not cut it down.

So I do want to try again with option 1 on piecing this together and see if it’s any easier.  Essentially I’ll be doing the same thing with different lengths of stitches, but it’ll be good to try another way. Experimenting and all that.

And that’s all I did today — too much time taken up with other things.



13.8 Swap Addiction Anonymous

March 13, 2011

My name is Darla and I may be addicted to these swaps.


Okay, not addicted, but all week, I am working on a block swap with Sew Many Swaps, yahoo group.

I can’t seem to stop, because these blocks are so easy.

You may have seen these blocks in the past posts for the last week.

Here are some mid step blocks ready to be sewn together!

I love organizing for these blocks, getting each block lined up with each other block, the geometric arrangements of my intermediate pieces is very pleasing to me, which is furthering my addiction.

It turns out, it’s a good thing that I like this, because I just read through the directions again and I was thinking that I was done after 6 blocks per set, when in fact, it will be 8 blocks per set.


So I have 6 more blocks to go.  And I’ll have a nice manageable  sized quilt to do with what I wish.  I am even going to incorporate my leftover blocks into the borders!

Or perhaps they are their own quilt.

Anyway, I’m not sure what I’m eating today, and I’m not sure I am going to leave my sewing room today.

Hope I don’t actually starve, I’m sure I’ll be provided for, but sometime I may need to actually tackle the rest of the house.

Happy happy pretty pretties.

Now to feed my addiction again!


13.5 Batik Journey Steps

March 9, 2011

Come with me as we take a journey with batiks.

First we’ll journey with purple and green blocks.

Next we’ll journey with gold and fushia (?) blocks.

Then we’ll journey with purple and blue blocks.

and we can journey into an unintentional fussy cut block center.

and we can journey to the leftovers on the design wall.

and we can journey into a more advanced step of the block.

And we can journey to the completed two purple and green blocks for the swap I am in.

6 in a set, and I haven’t determined exactly how many sets yet, but at this moment in time, I have 2 more blocks to go for a complete set.  I may do up to 3-4 sets … right now that’s what it’s looking like … but we’ll see.