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12.8 Weaves

February 26, 2011

Last weekend, I was setting up myself at a nice retreat, trying to figure out again how to sew littlefoot pineapple blocks for the guild, then getting excited about a new quilt.

And I came home middle of last week, but have been either sleeping or sewing or going shopping for fishing, such that I have not been posting.

First, the highs of fun and fellowship, and now the lows of real life slap you in the face.

It wasn’t until this morning that I got my pictures downloaded onto my computer from the retreat.

And I have to put them on the guild website, and edit them. – err … reverse order on that.

I have to work on taxes for myself, do more loads of laundry, and start to put together ideas for the next podcast.

On another note:

Getting frustrated at the home sewing front that the things I like and make at home are just not appreciated or even liked.

The ladies at the retreat (AND I) liked this following quilt top (well the blocks anyway), but at home — I guess it’s not liked all that much.


I said at the retreat that I really didn’t care if this was liked or not, it was being made, and given away, but …


Also, along the same note, that I know there are things that I may see differently than other people, which is okay.  It brings a sense of style to things, a certain aesthetic.

I love seeing how other people like quilts and colors that I don’t see.  I like bringing this unique aesthetic to myself and to others, to make us all think differently.

To weave others’ views and my own into a great quilty tapestry.


But when I can’t even gauge at home what will be liked and what will not be liked.  I am getting irked.  And more irked, and more irked.

At one point you have to weave what you want and like with what others want and like, especially if you try and try to make something for someone else, who consistently does not like the end result.

So, it begs the question – do I really know this person?  Am I really that far off base to what the person wants to be able to miss the mark THIS many times??

… Actually this wouldn’t be the first ‘present’ to go unappreciated, unliked to the recipient.

Christmas and other gift giving holidays have been a HUGE source of frustration and anxiety, so much so that gifts are usually NOT exchanged anymore.


But still


Because if you give something away to someone else and they don’t like it, then it will not get used and pushed away. Then what is the point of doing something for someone to begin with?

And when you ask what IS liked and you get a whole lot of “I don’t know” or you show quilt patterns and you get no response on those patterns, and you have to just guess what will be appreciated … and then it’s unliked …

So I guess this quilt is MINE.  Or maybe I should auction it away or something?  It’s not finished, so I have time to decide what to do for it.

I happen to LOVE this weaved quilt, and think it would make a GREAT (and much needed) addition to the household.

But forcing it upon someone else who has such a strong negative reaction to it?  I don’t know.